5 paragraph essay: ideas and writing strategies.

A five paragraph structure is a basic model for essay writing, which is suitable for all possible topics that you can imagine for your paper. Usually the five paragraph essay includes an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. All the parts are equal and cannot be omitted, thus, we recommend you to pay enough attention to all the stages of your writing so to be sure in quality of your paper. Our article will briefly explicit the writing strategy for 5 paragraph essay and provide you with some ideas on easy writing.

Ideas for introduction.

When you are writing an introduction keep in mind that it is a part which will make a first impression about your paper and you as a writer. Having many important or interesting things to do your audience will be likely to demand a worthy reason from you for reading your paper. Thus, let your reader understand from the very beginning that the time that he or she will spend on reading will be exciting and useful.

For this reason, we recommend you to prepare some hooks for your reader. Here are the ideas for hooks.

  • Begin with a curious or unknown fact;
  • Use statistic data;
  • Ask the reader a question which will be puzzling for him/her;
  • Include numbers – they are the most likely to be remembered;
  • Write a saying of a famous person or quotation that you used for research.

Main body of the essay.

  1. This part typically consists of 3 paragraphs which are representing the arguments, which support the thesis statement provided at the end of introduction.
  2. We recommend you to put the strongest argument, the smartest explanation or the brightest illustration in the first body paragraph. Therefore, the second and the third paragraphs will include weaker arguments. This organization usually words the best for writing.
  3. The body paragraph must begin with the topic sentence that represents the main idea of this part. The next sentences should include the explanation, examples, supporting details, quotations of sources and so on.
  4. The last sentence of each body paragraph is a transition to the next part – it should prepare the reader to the ideas that your will describe next.
  5. Do not forget about the transitions inside of your paragraph as well. They provide the paper with a good flow and help the reader to understand order, causes and effects and other relations between your ideas.

Ideas for conclusion.

Conclusion is your chance to leave a lasting impression on the reader and make a small summary of the work. There are several essential points, which are the “must-do’s” for concluding part:

  1. Summarizing the ideas stated in the main body of the paper;
  2. Recalling the thesis statement and proving that the claimed problem has been solved;
  3. Showing new perspectives for the reader, demonstrating other angles of your writing subject;
  4. The conclusion should signalize that the discussion is over but without closing it off.

These are the ideas for writing a five paragraph essay. Follow our guide and be sure to get excellent grades!

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