A Short Paragraph on Mother Teresa: Things to Mention

If you need to write an essay about mother Teresa, you should be aware of the major facts of her biography. Therefore, to get the basis for your essay, you can check a short paragraph on Mother Teresa with the main information you should know and write about.



The first thing you should understand is that Mother Teresa is obviously not a real name. The real name of the person, who is commonly known to be Mother Teresa, is Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born in Macedonia, lost her father at the age of 8 and was brought up according to the Catholic ideology. She was excited about the stories dealing with missionaries, so at the age of 12 she decided to follow their way. Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu turned to Mother Teresa in 1931, when the first religion vows were taken. She has chosen this name after Teresa the patron saint of missionaries.


Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa is known for her contribution to charity. She took part in numerous missions and helped numerous people having founded the Missionaries of Charity. She has helped people in various countries and was always there for ones, who needed support. You should check some reliable sources to find the list of all her deeds.



Talking about the recognition of the Mother Teresa`s contribution there are two main things needed to be mentioned.

  • Beatification

Beatification is a step to canonization by a Catholic Church. To be beatified a person should perform a miracle, and to be canonized at least 2 miracles should be made. Mother Teresa was recognized to have healed a tumor of one Indian woman. This event is quite contradictory, because the woman had been taking medicines for a long time. Furthermore, there is no evidence that this was a true tumor. Nevertheless, the beatification of Mother Teresa happened in October the 19th, 2003.

  • Nobel Peace Prize

Due to her activities and significant contribution to the world peace Mother Teresa as got a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.



There were a lot of people, who critiqued the activity of Mother Teresa.  Here are some points, which were touched upon:

  • Attitude to Abortion and Divorces

Mother Teresa occupied an active position against divorces and abortion, what caused the wave of critics from the people having an opposite opinion. Indeed, those issues are being widely discussed even till now.

  • Approach to Poverty

Mother Teresa helped a lot of people. However, her main concern was to help people not to die. As far as conditions of their living and the level of the medical support are concerned, not enough attention were paid to these aspects. Also, Mother Teresa was criticized for spending money devoted to fighting against poverty on other projects.


Advice on Writing a Short Paragraph about Mother Teresa

If you need to write a short paragraph about Mother Teresa, you should better write about one specific and interesting point from her life or/and activity. If you do not know, what to write about, or you are not skillful enough to put your thoughts into a paper qualitatively, let our writers help you! We will assign an expert to communicate with you and deliver a well-written text with interesting information on the topic requested.

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