An Abortion Essay Conclusion: What Should You Know to Write It Perfectly?

It is always easy to write an abortion essay conclusion, if you have written a well-structured and clear introduction and body part. However, if there are some issues with the previous parts, you should fix them to conclude properly.


Variants of Abortion Essay Conclusion: What Is Specific about Them?

Surely, we could give you essay conclusions on abortion, and you could just paraphrase them and include to your essay paper. However, we don`t think that this is a good idea. Each essay is specific and especially they have specific conclusions based on the ideas included to body parts. If you use someone else`s conclusion, this may lead to a complete failure of the whole essay on abortion. Here are the features, which make every conclusion on abortion specific.

       1. Thesis Statement

Each conclusion needs to have a thesis statement paraphrased. Therefore, in case in your thesis statement you have specified:

 “Abortion is acceptable, because it is realization of woman`s right to control her body, it is completely safe and helps to prevent financial disadvantages”

your conclusion should include the phrase of the following kind:

“So, as we have discovered, there are more advantages of abortion, than disadvantages. Indeed, in modern word woman is completely responsible for her body and has a right to choose how to treat it. Also, due to new technologies, abortion does no harm to a woman`s health and her productive potential stays the same. Furthermore, due to abortion, children do not stop a woman from her financial development and do not make her dependent financially.”

This is an example of a conclusion for an essay for abortion. It is appropriate for a 5 paragraph structure, because only 3 main arguments were introduced in thesis statement, so in body part and conclusion. Obviously, you can expand your thesis statement, but this will be reflected on body part and conclusion as a result. The same principles work for essays against abortion.

       2. Your Personal Opinion

There may be two main opinions about abortion: you can be for it or against. Surely, if you have provided your reader with arguments for abortion, it won`t be a good idea to tell something against it in conclusion or vice versa. Be certain till the very end of your writing and never let your reader hesitate in your telling the correct and reasonable things.


What Should Be Avoided in an Abortion Essay Conclusion?

There are a lot of common mistakes students do writing conclusions for essays of this kind.

        1. Uncertainty

If your professor finds “maybe”, “probably”, “most likely” and other words expressing uncertainty in your conclusion for an essay about abortion, you can forget about A grade. You should know what you are writing about, not guess or hesitate.

       2. New Information

There are a lot of things to say about abortion, but get ready that you won`t be able to cover them all. Under no conditions you should say in conclusion all the arguments for or against that you wanted to mention, but could not fit to the body part. Conclusion is for summarizing of your points, not for adding new ones.


Professional Assistance

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