An Essay on Reading: Information You Should Know

An essay on reading is a very time consuming assignment and requires well-developed analytical skill. To write it better and effectively, check on some tips from professional writers.


An Essay on Reading: Challenges

There are a few difficulties you will face writing an essay on reading.

  • A Lot of Materials to Read

Before you start working on the actual writing, you should get aware of the information provided in the source. No good essay can be written if you skip reading the source you need the writing on. The summaries on the web won`t actually help.

  • The Analysis Requirement

Any writing on reading requires a well-developed analytical skill. It is important to find out, what the main is and what information has been included just for support. If the reading required is big, you should know how to generalize information.


Types of Essays on Reading

There are 2 most frequent types of essays on reading: summary and response.

       1. Summary

A summary writing requires you to summarize the main points highlighted in the source. Every essay needs to have a personal opinion of its writer. However, as far as summary is concerned, the personal point of view of the author is minimal. You can express your attitude via selections of facts and information to be included, as well as via setting the accents.

       2. Response

The response is more personal type of essay on reading. Actually, you need to evaluate the information provided by the reading based on your personal experience. The response essay cannot be considered as proper or not-proper, as it shows your personal impression. The difficulty lies in the fact, that to form a certain point of view, you should fully understand the source and get interested in it.


Aims of Assigning an Essay on Reading

In order to get a high grade for an essay on reading, you should understand why professors assign such paper writing.

  • To Check Your Awareness with the Source

There are a few basic sources required for you to understand the course. Therefore, professors need to check, whether your have read the information covered. To satisfy the professor`s requirements, write a concise, well-structured and informative essay on reading, showing that your essay is based on reading the original source, but not the summary on the web.

  • To Check Your Understanding of the Source

Through including of your personal opinion to an essay, you should your level of understanding. It is practically impossible to have a relevant opinion on the information you have not read originally. That is why the essays, which show the personal attitude clearly and logically, deserve the highest grades.


Advice on Writing an Essay on Reading

To save your time and efforts check on the following tips.

  • Make Notes When Reading

When you read the source needed, make some notes, use stickers and underline the important facts/pieces of information. Later you will be able to come back to them to include to your essay.

  • Read as Many Times as Needed to Understand

If something has distracted you, go back and read the part again. It important not only to read the book, but understand what it is about. If you need a dictionary or reference materials to clarify some points, do not hesitate to use them.

  • Get Assisted if You Cannot Cope with Assignment

If you have no enough time, or you simply do not understand what the book is about, contact us for assistance. We will find the writer for you, who is aware of the required source and can write about it effectively.

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