Archimedes Essay: How to Write It Well?

If you ask someone “What do you know about Archimedes?” the only information you will hear is the story about his famous “eureka”. However, this is not enough for a good Archimedes essay. Check some more information here!


Archimedes: Basic Information

The main information you should know about Archimedes is when and where he lived, in what spheres he worked and what were his main contributions.


          1. Life and Spheres of Interest

Archimedes lived in 3th century BC in Syracuse, which is in Sicily. He was a mathematician, physicist and astronomer. His skills were developed influenced by his father, Phidias, an astronomer, and by Euclid, a mathematician, whose school he attended in Alexandria (Egypt).


          2. The Main Contributions

Archimedes is known for his numerous findings and inventions.

A. Achievements in Physics

He is known to be the founder of the hydrostatics, statics, and for having explained the principle of the lever. He has invented such mechanisms, as screw pump, odometer and siege engines. They say, that some of the Archimedes`s machines could lift ships and burn them with the help of set of mirrors.

B. Contribution to Mathematics

Archimedes has developed a formula to calculate the density of an object.


          3. Interesting Legends Connected with His Name

When the facts are not clearly known and never supported, a lot of legends appear. However, those stories are interesting and will make your essay more interesting if included.

A. “Eurika” Case

The famous “Eurika” exclaimed by Archimedes being naked at the street concerns one of his major findings. He was assigned to find out whether the crown of a Syracusian tyrant was made from the pure gold. It was a tough task, as the crown has a specific form and it was almost impossible to calculate its volume. The idea came into Archimedes`s mind when he was in bath. He got into a bath and the water spilled out due to the volume of his body. This made him understand, that the amount of water spilled is equal to the volume of his body.

B. The Ship "Syracosia"

Once upon a time, Egyptian king has got a present of a large ship. It was so large, that no one could put it on the water. He has created a system of blocks to cope with this issue. Also, there is a famous Archimedes saying on this issue, as he told that he could have moved the Earth if he had a fulcrum.


How to Make Your Archimedes Essay Better?

Archimedes is an extra-ordinary personality, and it is not that difficult to write a good essay about him. However, you should know a few important rules not to spoil your essay and fail with it.

  • Make It Well-Structured

To make an essay clear and interesting, you should structure it logically. To introduce your topic, there should be a good introduction with the thesis statement. To explain your thoughts better, write an idea per paragraph. Finally, write a strong conclusion.

  • Do Not Skip Editing and Proofreading

Even the best writers need to read the text again to correct mistakes. This will be a shame to lose points for the incorrect spelling or punctuation errors.

  • Contact a Professional Writer for Help

We have a team of experienced writers, who can offer you a good advice on writing a perfect Archimedes essay. So, do not hesitate to get assisted by our company!

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