Understand the Characteristics of Mercantilism from the Modern and Past Points of View

In modern world we can hear someone to call a certain person mercantile. What does that mean? What features make us think that a person acts in a mercantile way? You can learn more about this specific feature in an essay on characteristics of mercantilism.


Two Sides of Mercantilism

To learn deeply about characteristics of mercantilism, you should be aware of two sides of this term.

          1. Historical Meaning

Not all people know that characteristics of mercantilism date back to 16-18th century and history of economic theory. According to the theory of mercantilism, the main idea of the theory was that the prosperity of a state directly depends on the amount of gold and silver it has. Thus, a country becomes rich in case the income of gold and silver is higher than the outcome (the balance is positive).

           2. Modern Meaning

Based on the historical meaning, a new understanding of the term has appeared. The new meaning mostly deals with philosophy rather than economy, and also touches upon some social, psychological and ethical issues. Basically, mercantilism is a way of thinking, when money and material values dominate over any other values in life. A person, who stays for mercantilism and lives according to its principles is called mercantile.


Ways to Write about Characteristics of Mercantilism

As you can see, it is possible to look at mercantilism from the diachronic point of view, meaning that you can review the progress of the term. However, mercantilism can also be reviewed from other sides.

           1. Explanatory Type of Writing

It is possible to review the existing issue from the explanatory point of view. This means that your task is not evaluate the existing situation, but tell that it actually exists and in what actions we can see the feature represented. You can carry out a research getting some statistical data or search for some information at libraries to make your paper efficient. It will also be a good idea to write a definition essay and review the differences in getting the term by various scientists. Furthermore, it is possible to write a cause and effect essay about mercantile behavior, as it can be understood only based on actions received in result.

           2. Argumentative Type of Writing

If you want to write an argumentative essay about characteristics of mercantilism, you should modify the topic to make it disputable. For example: is mercantilism a bad feature of a human`s character? Now you feel what it is possible to argue about and you can take a certain side to support. You should select some relevant arguments to make your reader sure, that you are right. Also, find some weak points of the opposite point of view, so you can ruin the argumentation of your opponent.

           3. Descriptive and Narrative Types of Writing

The other types of essay writing are rarely used for such kind of topics. Surely, there can be some extra-ordinary assignments as “describe an every-day schedule of a typical mercantile man”, or “tell a story, which confirms that your friend is a mercantile person”. However, such assignments do not sound as serious academic papers. Nevertheless, choosing these ways of covering your topic shows your ability to think outside the box.


Characteristics of Mercantilism Essay: Where to Get Help?

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