Chicago Style Formatting Tips

Composing essays and completing other written assignments is a vital part of each and every educational process. Students tend to gain a lot of positive experience and develop very important skills. Of course, each professor has his own teaching style and therefore, his own requirements for how the job shall be done. However, the main point of most written homework is to accustom the student to the general official style writing rules. That is why most of the professors use general paper style requirements, such as APA, MLA, AAA and some others. It is also common, that you see “Chicago format essay” in the requirements, sent by your professor. So, what does it mean?

A Chicago format essay can be used in all the fields of Humanities, such as, for example: History, Law, Languages, Art, Religion, Philosophy and others. Some of them may use other paper styles, but writing Chicago style can usually combine the features of several styles, that is why it is used widely.

So what determines a Chicago format? The writer can choose between two basic types of this documentation system, depending on the subject, type of sources used and type of material. Moreover, some colleges and universities may ask for a specific type. These systems are: notes and bibliography and author-date. The first type uses full information about the sources in notes and often contains a bibliography. In the second system, the writer has to cite them in text, mentioning only by the author’s last name and the date of publication. Chicago style is also known for wide usage of footnotes and end-notes.

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