Citing Essays: Easy Rules to Follow

The citing essays issue is an important aspect of paper writing, because it is closely connected with the plagiarism problem. Learn what points to take into account while citing not to get into troubles!


What Does Citing Deal with?

Citing is actually indicating the sources you have used while working on your particular paper. This helps to separate your own ideas from the ideas of others, which were mentioned in your essay. Furthermore, as writing an essay you are to include your personal opinion, citing becomes the point, which requires a special attention.


What Should Be Taken into Account While Citing?

Although citing essays seems to be easy and clear, it is not so in practice. Here are some points for you to keep in mind while citing.


  • Paper Format/Citation Styles

There are a few paper citation styles, which are commonly required for academic essays: MLA, APA, Harvard Referencing and so on. All those styles have their specific requirements to citing of different types of sources. Check your assignment instructions attentively to make sure you do everything as required. Remember, that paper format guidelines are periodically updated, so you should follow the newest demands.


  • In-Text Citation

In spite of indicating the source at the very end of paper in works cited/ reference page, the source is to be specified in places you use the borrowed information in your essay. The in-text citation can be of two types: direct and indirect. The direct quotes are the sentences taken from the source precisely. Those ones need to be separated by special signs: “…”. The indirect citation is required when you use ideas of others, but you just mention some of the points or paraphrase the same idea in different words. In this case there is no special separation, but you just indicate the source in brackets.


What Are the Steps of Proper Essay Citing?


To avoid any citation mistakes, you should follow the given steps of citing essays:

  • List All the Sources

Prepare a draft list of all the sources you have used for essay writing.

  • Revise the Text of Your Essay

Read your essay and mark the parts which have been taken from the sources.

  • Work on Formatting

Define what types of sources you are dealing with and read the citing requirements for your particular citation format needed.

  • Check Everything

Do not forget to look on the way you have cited an essay after it was completed. You should be attentive to details and accurately follow the minor specifications. It would be a shame to loose points just for formatting mistakes.


How to Get Information about Proper Citing Essays?

The main source for such kind of information is the latest guideline. However, it is usually so details and confusing, that you need help to understand what you need to do exactly.


1.Simply Written Explanations on the Web

You can find some clarifications on the web, but check whether the source is reliable.


2.Hire a Professional Writer to Format an Essay for You

You can contact us any time and request a professional writer to format the paper for you. Just attach the sources and your essay, and he will help you to avoid any mistakes. Also, you can talk to your writer and get answers on any questions concerning citing essays.

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