Compare and contrast essays need a special attention and specific approach to the analyzed subjects, so see how to write such essays to get high grades

A compare and contrast essay is the specific type of essay, which is based on compare and contrast methodology. Compare and contrast essay usually deals with two subjects (issues, peoples etc.), which have enough similarities and differences to be compared. You will never do a wrong choice if you select two subjects, which fall into one category. This assures that they have some general features in common (those ones, which make them belong to the same category) as well as the features, which differentiate them and are decent enough to give different determinations to the subjects over-viewed. You should better select the subjects, which will have a lot of areas, in which they can be compared in, so your compare and contrast essay will look efficient as you have taken into account all the points for comparison.

After the subjects have been selected, drawing of Venn Diagram will be helpful. In fact, you can write down the features, which are specific for each separate subject in circles and the common features should be indicated in areas, where the circles intersect. This will be a background for your compare and contrast essay. After analysis of the features, you should create a decent thesis statement, which will actually be a prompt for your essay. However, make sure that all the differences or similarities have a certain meaning. It is not enough just to enumerate the features. The main idea of compare and contrast essay is in analysis and your personal thinking. So, you need to explain why those subjects have those common or different features and how it is connected with their nature, functions etc.

There are a few different ways of structuring of compare and contrast essays. Nevertheless, it is compulsory to change any of structuring models, as the paper with unclear structure won`t have sense. In order to make your paper clear, professionals advise to compare and contrast subjects point by point. It will be a good idea to separate each point analysis into paragraph, so the readers will precept your idea better. It is also possible to start talking about specific peculiarities of each separate subjects (first paragraph about one subject and second one about the other one) and then the third paragraph will talk about the common features and similarities. The result of the analysis is to be stated under conclusion of this essay. Otherwise, the paper will look like your comparing and contrasting has come to nothing.

Here are also some hints to know better how to write a compare and contrast essay:

Be specific. This is probably the major requirement for this essay type. There should be less information about context or things close to subject. You have two subjects and you need to talk about them only. This is it.

Your personal opinion matters. If there are a lot of compare and contrast researches performed dealing with these subjects, try to be extraordinary and say something new rather than telling someone else`s opinion.

Analyze, but not just tell. You need to show your analytical skills in compare and contrast essay, or it will be graded poorly, sometimes not even getting a pass due to misunderstanding of assignment.

There are some more methods and tricks that deal with writing compare and contrast essays, so if you need your one to be written, contact us and we will surely help!

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