Comparison Writing Topics: Worthy Ideas from Experts in Writing

Comparison writing requires the specific topics, as it should deal with at least two subjects compared one to another. The wrong selection of the subjects, which cannot be compared adequately, will lead to a failure. Check the comparison writing topics to avoid any inconveniences and failures in your academic writing.


Features of Comparison Writing Topics

Surely, it won`t be possible for us to suggest you all the comparison writing topics possible to be used for essays. Therefore, here we won`t to teach you, how to choose topics according to the comparison writing type requirements.


1) Proper Formulation of Topic

A reader should understand that he is facing the comparison writing simply having checked the topics. The clearest topics are of the following format: “Education in the USA and in the UK: Similarities and Differences” or “The Bringing up of Children in South Africa and in Europe: Common and Different Features” etc.


2) Selection of Adequate Elements to Be Compared

The subjects you compare need to have enough common and different features to be compared at all. The best solution in this case is to choose two elements, which fall into one type. From one side, they will have the common features, which define them to belong to the certain type. From the other side, they will have enough differences to be separated into different phenomena/subjects etc. For example, you can compare the behavior of a lion and a tiger in natural environment, or you can review the system of political elections in two different countries.


3) Short Topic

There is also a minor specification to the topic length. The topic should be concise and definitely not wordy. For example, instead of saying “Law System in Germany and the Law System in France: Similarities and Differences” you can write “The Comparison of German and French Law Systems”. A shorter formulation always sounds more certain.


Ideas for Comparison Writing Topics

If you have no idea on what topic to choose to do the comparison writing required, here are some good suggestions for you:



The Comparison of Michelangelo and Raphael Art Styles (here you can switch names of artists to any other two working during the same epoch)

The Principal Differences between Renaissance and Middle Ages Art (here you can switch the names of art epochs to any other)

The Comparison of Two Paintings of the Jesus Christ (or any other two paintings with the same personality depicted)



Democracy and the Authoritarianism

The Roman and British Empires (here you can also compare other empires you know from history)

The Political Issues Faced by European and African Countries



The Influence of Religion on Government in Saudi Arabia and Italy

Christianity and Buddhism (you can switch them to other world religions)

The View on a Crime and Punishment from the Point of Christianity and Islam


Biology, Ecology and Other Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies:

The Life with Technics and without Modern Devices

The Dinosaurs and Modern Animals

The Comparison of Crocodiles and Alligators



Attitude to Men and Women at Work

Spending Time with Friends and with Family

Offensive and Defensive Behavior between Youth


Mass Media:

Printed Newspapers and the Online Ones

TV and Internet

Availability of Information in XX and XXI Centuries etc.

Actually, there can be hundreds of good pairs of subjects to write about and having read the information above you will understand the specifics of comparison writing topics. If you still feel confused, we have experts to help you out.

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