Cultural Values Essay: No Problems with Writing Any More

Cultural values set is an element of a person`s outlook and the prism, through which a person evaluates things. Therefore, to define oneself as a one belonging to a certain cultural unity, you should determine, which common values of that unity you have. Cultural values essay will help on this.


Cultural Values Essay: the Plurality of Approaches

Obviously, cultural values and research on them are the objects of Cultural Sciences. However, even within this subject, there can be a lot of points of view on the topic.

       1. Historical Aspect

You may talk about cultural values of the past and how they have been changing till our times.

       2. Comparative Aspect

You can take two or more different cultures to compare. It will be more interesting to take cultures from different continents, so they will be significantly different. You should select the same points and interpret them through different cultural values to show the variety of views.

       3. Cause and Effect Aspect

Values, as any other phenomenon, have their basis and factors to influence. For example, some geographical inconveniences (the geographical situation, the agriculture, climate etc.) can influence the cultural values toward appreciation or non-appreciation of certain things. Also, geographical, economic and social conditions form the people`s everyday life. Furthermore, the typical features of everyday life of certain groups actually forms the cultural values of that groups.

       4. Persuasive Aspect

There also can be an argumentative, or persuasive aspect in writing a cultural values essay. All you need is to select a contradictive aspect of cultural values. You can take a certain side in intercultural conflicts, supporting your point of view well. Also, you can talk on the topic “Should the Cultural Values Kept or Forgotten?”.

       5. Explanatory Aspect

Here we can define two specific approaches:

          A. A Specific One

It is possible for you to select a specific culture and write about it paying attention on the details of cultural values inherent for it. You can talk about the details and be maximally specific in what you tell. Being specific in such case means being more factual about the place you talk about.

           B. A General One

What values can be considered to be cultural ones? Are the certain set of cultural values a basis for the culture formation? You can try to explain cultural values based on data of different research on different subjects. Thus, under this aspects you are trying to think abstractly and generalize.


Hints in Writing a Cultural Value Essay

There are a few pieces of advice, which will help you to deliver the better written essay.

  • Use Examples

This rule is especially important in our particular case. Even if you are talking about some general things, it is necessary to illustrate your thoughts with the real life examples and links to good sources.

  • Keep the Logic

Even if there are a lot of things you want to write about, do not create a mess. Start a new paragraph with a new idea and make sure you have covered it to proceed to the next. Also, all the paragraphs should better be interlinked, so we will get a coherently written text as a result.


Help with Cultural Values Essay

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