Learn How to Support Your Side in a Death Penalty Essay

From the first sight a death penalty issue looks quite clear: killing is not legal and it should be prohibited. However, the in-depth research shows that in some cases death penalty can be explained and even be a better decision. As thoughts on this issue are different, you may support yours in a death penalty essay.


Death Penalty Essay: The Best Appropriate Type of Writing

Among the 4 main types of essay writing, argumentative essay type will be the best for writing about a death penalty. Indeed, this is a controversial issue, which is actual and widely discussed. You should research on this topic, read a lot of sources dealing with it in order to understand the topic fully. Only an in-depth analysis makes it possible for you to take a certain side and have a certain opinion.


What Are the Arguments Making Death Penalty a Good Decision?

There are still some arguments, which make you doubt on death penalty being completely bad thing.

  • Unchangeable Behavior

There are people, whose behavior cannot get better, as they have committed terrible crimes and there is a risk of they repeating their actions if getting free. As they are dangerous for society, such people deserve a death penalty.

  • Painless Method

Due to the help of physicians the process have been made to be the less painful. Thus, death penalty is not a cruel procedure.

  • No Unfixable Mistakes

Surely, people may make mistakes. However, concerning the death penalty cases the risk of a mistake is extremely low. A lot of people work on such cases, and only in case they are completely sure in their decision, the death penalty is possible.

  • Financial Issues

It is not good to talk about money when there is a choice of life or death. However, you should understand, that people, who have life sentence, are kept in prisons for the money from taxes. Thus, actually, society supports a person, who has made harm to it. Death penalty costs much less than keeping a person in prison for the whole life.


What Is Bad about Death Penalty?
Nevertheless, the arguments against death penalty are also strong enough.

  • It Is a Murder

A death penalty still can be considered to be a violation against a person`s right to live. Only God can decide whether a person deserves to live. Allowance of death penalty makes people understand, that life is not that worthy.

  • It Does Not Work the Way It Should

Death penalty was supposed to deter the other criminals to actually do something bad. However, as research shows, this does not have a desired effect and the death penalty cases do not level the rate of criminal cases.

  • Fatality

The death penalty is an enormous punishment by its not being able to be reconsidered and by its pain and cruelty. It contradicts the most of world religions` dogmas and states a human being to be not worthy.


Your Personal Opinion

As you see, both sides are well supported to some extent. Thus, it is up to you to choose which side to take. If you have doubts, or you are not sure that you can provide and explain arguments well, we are always here to help you. We have experts, who are well-aware of the history, law side and other aspects of death penalty essay possible.

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