Descriptive speech ideas

Descriptive speech is one of four major informative types of speech. The speaker's aim is to create a certain picture of a subject in the audience's imagination. The topics used for this kind of speech can be various. A tour guide can speak about the best place to have rest or go for vacation, a scientist would describe the newest invention or discovery while a student prefers tellingĀ  about his or her first day in college. The selection of topic depends on motivation and, actually, on personality of the speaker. Check the list of topics for different occasions in our post.

Ideas for desription topics:

1) Describing places

- The best place to go for vacation in summer

- Your favorite place for winter rest

- The most convenient place for studying.

- The perfect classroom.

- What is the best place to spend time with family?

- The library.

- The oldest place you have been to.

- The place that has a great historical value.

2) Desribing people

- The most important person in your life

- The greatest scientist

- Your first teacher

- The person whose invention you consider as a breakthrough in science.

- The most extraordinary person you have ever met.

- Creative and eccentric people.

- The poet or the writer that you adore.

- The person with unusual profession.

- The person who has made a brilliant career.

3) Describing things.

- Your favorite book.

- A thing that has a special value in your family.

- The oldest thing you possess.

- Laptops 10 years ago and now.

- CD-player and Ipod

- The thing which makes your life easier

- The things that makes our studying more convevient.

- The invention that you find the most important.

- The most significant discovery in the world history.

- Armour of World War II times and nowadays.

- The painting that you adore.

- The most motivational book you have read.

- A newspaper you like to read daily.

- National clothes.

- The folk dance

4) Describing events.

- Your first day at high school.

- The challenges of the first week in college.

- Learning a foreign language.

- Your trip to exotic place

- The hardest exam in your life

- The lesson which you will never forget

- The coldest place you have ever been to

- The hottest place you have visited

- Your graduation day.

- The best party in your life.

- A perfect wedding party.

- Your happiest birthday

- Easter holiday in your town.

- Christmas traditions in your country.

- Your visit to an opera house.

- Going to a theatre and visiting cinema: comparative description.

Writing tips:

  • Give yourself enough time to prepare. You cannot speak on the spot but must conduct some research, write your speech and train speaking it out.
  • Think about the attention getters that will attract your audience and use them in your speech.
  • Try to appeal the audience's senses in your speech. This is how you will be able to create a true picture in the listener's mind.
  • Accent the audience attention on the special details that you point out. Do not use general or abstract notions for your description.

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