Descriptive speech: topics and tips on writing.

Descriptive speech is a genre of public speaking or writing (depending on your task) that requires you to provide a bright and dynamic image of your subject. There are several essential points that you should consider in order to reach this purpose: choosing an appropriate topic that will allow you to complete the effective speech, include various details in it and address the auditoria’s senses. Find some useful writing tips and description topic lists in here.

Tips on completing a descriptive speech.

  • In fact, the descriptive speech requires you to paint an image with the help of words. This picture must be vivid, bright and impressive in order for the auditory to get interested and listen to you.
  • Before you start think what attracts you in any picture that you like. Usually these are the details – the ones, which make this picture unique and fill it with sense. This is why you should include various outstanding details that are characteristic for your topic.
  • When you are describing the details you should try to appeal to different senses of the reader. This is how you will be able to create an overall picture that makes similar impression on the auditory to that, which you had.
  • Do not forget to include attention getters – hooks for the auditory, which will let you grasp and hold the interest.

Descriptive speech topics.

Tip: When you are choosing the topic consider that one, which you have experience about. This is the only way to write a speech that will make the auditory believe you. Also, we recommend not selecting too plain subjects but the ones that include several points/ sides/ components. This will make your description writing easier for you and more interesting for the auditory.

  • Challenges of learning something new.
  • Your experience of learning a foreign language.
  • How you met your old friend.
  • How you got lost in unknown city.
  • The tricks and treats of being a college student.
  • One day of being a student.
  • The best time that you had with your family.
  • The place you like visiting.
  • The best place to travel in winter.
  • The painting that impressed you.
  • The painting of contemporary art which value you do not get.
  • Your visit to an exhibition.
  • The building which architecture you adore.
  • Interior of your university.
  • The best exterior solution you have ever come across.
  • Your ideal apartment.
  • The person you admire.
  • The most important person in your life.
  • The social organization that you consider the most effective.
  • The issue of homelessness in your city.
  • Animal shelter that you have been to.
  • The volunteer organization that gets you inspired.
  • One day of your volunteering work.
  • The smartest person you have ever met.
  • One day from your life.
  • The book that changed your worldview.
  • The book which you would recommend to read.
  • The most impressive photo.
  • Your graduation day.
  • The movie that changed your life.
  • The activity which you dedicate much time to.

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