Drunk Driving Essay: Demands to Different Essay Types

Drunk driving is an important modern sociological issue, so no wonder that students often are required to write essays on such a topic. Writing a good drunk driving essay helps not only to find a solution to the problem, but also think over the problem and never behave that way.


Types of Drunk Driving Essays

There are a 4 main types of essay writing and many more subtypes. Let’s see, which essay types are suitable for writing drunk driving essays. The type of essay defines your approach to the issue. Some essay types such as descriptive won’t be appropriate in this case at all.


1. Argumentative Drunk Driving Essays

It seems that there is nothing to argue about concerning the drunk driving. Indeed, this is considered to be bad behavior against the law.  However, there is still a small number of people, who think that drinking just a little bid alcohol before driving is not that bad. You can build your drunk driving argumentative essay on these two points, taking a certain side. Still there will be some differences among the argumentative essay subtypes writing:

  • Argumentative Essay

Writing a pure argumentative essay you should operate with facts and logic. Therefore, you can forget about the type of audience you have.

  • Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay on drunk driving will be more difficult. You should involve your readers’ or listeners’ emotions, including some emotional stories and examples. It is also important to take into account the age, social status etc. of your audience.

  • Opinion Essay

This type of essay allows you to base writing on one certain opinion and just support your point of view. Actually, there is no need to convince anyone in anything.


2. Expository Drunk Driving Essays

There can be a lot of examples for expository drunk driving essays, as this is probably the most frequently requested type for this topic.

  • Cause and Effect Drunk Driving Essays

A cause is pretty much clear – a person has drunk alcohol before driving. The conditions can be different. The effects can be different, but most likely they will be sad. Here is the basic model for you to write your essay.

  • An Analysis Essay

You can analyze a certain case of drunk driving in your essay depending on the subject you are writing your essay on. If you study Biology, you can write about the impact of alcohol on person’s attention. If you study Law, you can talk about the responsibility and punishment for people, who are driving while being drunk etc.


3. Narrative Drunk Driving Essays

There can also be narrative essays on drunk driving topic. Basically, you can tell the full story of a person, who did this. The essay will be easy and interesting to read, but it should also have a moral for the reader not to follow the same example. Make sure you have all the story elements and you have introduced all the characters well.


Help with Drunk Driving Essays

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