Essay about Australia: Writing Step by Step

Australia is a specific country as it takes a whole continent. It has an interesting culture, politics, climate etc. So, there are a lot of things to write about. We suggest you a brief guideline on how to write an essay about Australia well step by step.


1st Step: Analyzing of Instructions

Check your assignment instructions well.

  • Do you have a topic required or you should choose one by yourself?

If there is a list of topics, look at them to select the one, which is closest to your interests.

  • What type of essay is required?

There can be a direct requirement: write an argumentative essay/ an expository essay/ a descriptive essay / a narrative essay about. If nothing of this kind has been included to the paper instructions, check the verbs used in the assignment instructions. If you see “explain” – the expository essay is expected, if there is “convince/persuade” – you should write an argumentative (persuasive) essay, if there is “describe” – you should complete a descriptive essay, and finally, if there is “tell a story” – go ahead and write a narrative essay.

  • What is the words/pages limit?

Usually professors set a certain number of words/pages required to be written. If student has the lack of words or exceeds this limit – grades are taken off.

  • What is the paper format required?

Check the formatting style needed and underline it in the assignment requirements. You will come back to this requirement after your essay about Australia is written.


2nd Step: Deciding What to Write About

Select a good and interesting topic. It should be interesting for both: you and your potential reader. Also, keep in mind the subject you are writing the paper on: if it is Law – you should deal with the Australian law system, if this is Geography – pay attention to the geographical position of Australia and its climate etc. Furthermore, you should take into account the type of essay.

To write an explanatory essay, you can compare the Australian law with American one, you can write about the specifics of Australian education, about Australian history and how it is reflected in their culture etc.

To write a narrative essay, you can tell about your / your friend`s real/imaginary trip to Australia and the events that happened during the trip.

To write an argumentative essay, you can convince your reader/audience, that it is better to live in Australia, that the Australian international policy, criminal law etc. is better than the one in any other country etc. and give arguments on this.

Writing a descriptive essay, you can describe a typical Australian person, house, landscape etc.

Check the sources, make up an outline and start writing.


3rd Step: Writing

Put your thoughts on the issue connected with Australia on a paper following the outline completed. Make sure your information is relevant and relates to your topic. Remember, that this is inpossible to create a coherent and well-done text from the first draft.


4th Step: Revising and Formatting

Read what you have written and structure your text. It will be good to take off the information, which can be taken off without losing the sense. Correct the mistakes and check the structure of your paper: there should be 3 parts and at least 5 paragraphs. Look back at paper format and the number of words needed to make sure that your sources are properly cited.


If you got stuck while writing and you feel that you need some help, ask us for assistance and we will advise you how to write an essay about Australia at its best.

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