Essay about Overpopulation: Good Ideas for the Content

Overpopulation is a big issue for some of the countries. Indeed, it has a lot of negative consequences, so it is necessary to find the good ways out of the problem. To write a good essay about overpopulation and cover all the main aspects, check the following ideas.


Overpopulation: Aspects to Look from

You can look at the overpopulation issue from various aspects. However, it is better to analyze the issue from the cause and effect approach

This is the best type of writing if we talk about overpopulation. Overpopulation is a phenomena that was caused by some actions and had certain consequences. This is actually what is important about it. Thus, you should mention such issues.



Overpopulation can be caused by the low quality of education, by the religious dogmas, by the wrong governmental policy etc.

A. Low Quality of Education

The countries of the high quality education manage to regulate its population better, since people are aware of the issues which can take place. Thus, they are interested in quality of children’s bringing up, but not in quantity of children in the family.

B. Religion and Culture

The culture of a lot of countries much depends on the religion the most of its citizens have. Some religions allow a man to have a lot of wives. Thus, if this is also allowed by government, such a law contributes to the overpopulation issue.

C. Wrong Governmental Policy

This actually means that no measures have been taken by government in regards to the birth control. Thus, the issue has appeared.



Overpopulation causes the lowering of the common quality of life, lack of food and drinkable water, lowering of the quality of air.

A. Lack of Food and Water

If there are too much people living in the limited area, there appear the food and water issues. It is not easy to support every citizen with the decent amount, which is enough for the normal existence. This problem is extremely important for African countries, where there is not much drinkable water.

B. Quality of Air Lowering

The more people are living on the certain territory, the more products of their activity appear. This means, that the gas emissions into atmosphere are huge and this causes health problems in population.

C. Overcrowding and Numerous Conflicts

Overcrowding has a bad impact on our psychology. Also, in the society, where food and water can be a deficit, the fights for them began. It is not that easy to rule the people, who are starving and searching for any ways to get some food.

There are a lot of more causes and effects of overpopulation, so if you need a big and informative paper, you can contact our experts for help.


Means to Cope with the Overpopulation

Obviously, some important measures should be taken to cope with the issue. They should come from governments and from people. Government should introduce fines for families having a lot of children and work on the education improvements. The economic issues should also be resolved. People should think about the results of their actions and understand that they form their future and the future of their children. It is each certain citizen, who rules his life, isn`t he? Mention is this in your essay about

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