Essay about Teaching: Ideas for Writing

Teaching is something we all face in our life. When we grow up, we are the objects of teaching, as our parents teach us to talk and behave. Later we become subjects of teaching, when we get children to bring up or get a profession to teach. To write a good essay about teaching – check the following ideas!


Modern Teaching Issues to Write about

As teaching is so important in our life, there is no wonder, that modern scientists are searching for the better ways of teaching as well as do their best to resolve the existing teaching problems. You may contribute to these discussions having written a good essay on one of the modern issues concerning teaching.

          1. Home Education VS School Education

There are a lot of discussions on this point and research carried. You may provide a short overview on this discussion, or complete an argumentative essay taking a certain side and supporting it.

          2. Alternative Methods of Education (Montessori education and others)

The search of better ways to teach causes different educational theories, which are quite different from the common ones. For example, you can write an essay about the Montessori education principles. Firstly, this type of education was developed for the disabled children and later it become quite popular in Europe for the common children. Review the main principles, means and techniques and evaluate them, telling your point of view.

          3. How Up-to-Date Is the Modern Education?

This will be a good topic for an opinion essay. You should compare the demands of a modern world with the opportunities the modern education gives and make a conclusion. Does education always gives the necessary skills required for a successful life? The answer is up to you, but do not forget to explain your opinion clearly, with examples, and using the reliable sources.

          4. Which Country Succeeds in Teaching the Best and Why?

While searching for the better teaching techniques we may look at examples of other countries. You may research on the other countries educational systems checking how successful are they and indicating the plusses and minuses. You can specifically talk about a certain country, with maximally high or low results of success in education, so that your essay will be more interesting.

          5. Violence While Teaching

Some out-of-dated techniques included beating children, who were disobedient. Make a review of the history of such method and specify your opinion on whether it is good or not. It is also possible to make up a persuasive speech on such a topic.

          6. Philosophy of Education

It is possible to talk about a philosophical aspect of education. You can review the main concepts, aims and forms used to teach children and grown-ups. The philosophy of education has a lot of branches and you may talk about the main difference between them as well.


Rules to Keep in Mind

While writing any essay about teaching, there are still some specifications you should be aware of.

  • Be Specific

By being specific we mean your usage of numbers, properly cited facts and information from reliable sources etc. Such things make your essay much better.

  • Structure Your Essay about Teaching Well

There should be as much paragraphs of the body part, as much ideas you want to include. All the paragraphs should relate to the topic and cover it from different sides to avoid any odd information.

  • Ask Us to Teach You if You Struggle with Your Essay

There is no need to struggle with your essay about teaching, as we are always here to help.


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