Essay on criticism analysis: writing guidelines and topic list.

Criticism analysis is a genre, which is close to review papers that discuss various subjects, such as books, articles, paintings, or movies. There are several points that are worth to be analyzed: if the author’s message to auditory is effective, the means that are used by author to persuade readers and the main ideas discussed or revealed. As you are becoming an author when you write an essay you should be able to complete a valuable piece of writing as well. Check some useful tips on writing a critical analysis essay and the proper topics to use.

How to write a critical analysis essay properly?

Critical reading.

  • The step that precedes critical writing is, actually, critical reading. When you are reading the book or article you have to review you should note several points, such as writer’s thesis, position regarding the issues raised, the arguments used for supporting the position and the factual material or examples.
  • Think about the techniques, which are used by the author to catch and keep your attention.
  • Are there any points that you do not agree with? Does the writer provide counterarguments to your possible dispute?
  • If there are any facts, terms or examples mentioned by the author but unfamiliar for you we recommend you to conduct a small research about them. This is how you will be able to get full understanding of the book or article.

Critical writing.

  • When you start drafting you should select several areas, which are worthy to be analyzed. Read them with special care and break into parts. After you do so try to determine the linkages between the components. Are they in causal connections or just set in a row by the author?
  • Despite your general opinion about the work, try to find both positive and negative sides of it. Do not overpraise or over-criticize the reading piece but keep your comments in balance.
  • Provide your reader with the reason why he or she should care about your essay. Prove the significance of your work and the reading piece that you are analyzing.
  • Remember that critical analysis is an academic writing genre which is why you should not use the first person in it. Avoid phrases like “I think”, “In my view”, “As for me” etc.
  • Include the summary of the article or book which you are analyzing for the cases when the reader is not familiar with it. However, do not pay too much attention to the summary, your task here is to analyze and criticize the content and ideas.

Critical analysis topics.

As we have mentioned, typically students are assigned to analyzed books, articles, movies or paintings. However, we have some examples of non-traditional critique topics that you can use for your paper.

  • Conversations for men and women: differences and peculiarities.
  • Underground art: is it worth our attention?
  • Homeless people: can the issue be resolved nowadays?
  • Football in collage: is it more than just a game?
  • Stereotypes based on national basis: are they fair or should be extinguished?
  • Influences of folk culture on music nowadays.

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