Essay on Population Aspects to Write on

There can be a lot of topics to choose from for an essay on population. However, to perform an effective and interesting essay, you should choose a topic, which is catchy and actual. Here are some more hints on how to complete an A+ essay on population!


The Approaches to a Population Topic

Obviously, population as a phenomenon can be reviewed from different points of view. The approach to be selected for each particular assignment depends on the subject you are writing an assignment on as well as on your personal interests.


  • Overpopulation Issues

There is a huge block of topics referring to the overpopulation issues. This problem is extra actual for the highly populated areas, such as China and India. If you decide to write about overpopulation, you may review the range of consequences, or talk about a certain one in details, as well as your essay may include the information on causes or ways to fight with the issue.

       1. Consequences of Overpopulation

If you want to cover the consequences of overpopulation, you should at least mention the following main ones: the global warming, the environmental pollution (air, water, and noise), lack of food and water, the growth in consuming the natural resources etc. There is also a point to review the sociological and psychological consequences of the issue, since overpopulation has a huge impact on psychology of people and causes to conflicts.

       2. Causes of Overpopulation

Among the main causes of overpopulation we can mention economic reasons, when people get more children, so they can work and support family to overcome poverty; lack of education to understand the significance of the issue; immigration and lack of governmental control.

       3. Ways to Cope with Overpopulation Issues

You may try to suggest your own ways to fight with overpopulation. It is also possible to elaborate on some obvious things, such as taking a certain governmental actions, making educational reforms and provide an educational propaganda.

       4. Types of Overpopulation

You should understand, that overpopulation is a term that can be applied not to human beings only. There can be a human overpopulation and an animal overpopulation as well. Usually, the nature regulates the population among animals with the help of predators, or some species also have certain mechanisms of self-control. There is a natural selection process, when the weaker animals are not able to fight for food and with the healthier ones.


  • Underpopulation Issues

Next to overpopulation, we can say about the underpopulation of some regions. They are definitely less problematic, but still their existence is not that good. The understanding, that overpopulated areas experience the lack of the resources, which are wasted in underpopulated areas creates an issue. To resolve this contradiction you may suggest to regulate migration and create the better conditions for it. Also, there is a point to develop an informational propaganda plan.


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