Essays against Euthanasia: Specifications for Writing

Euthanasia is a perfect topic for an argumentative essay, as it shows the moral dilemma. As this dilemma cannot be resolved fully, euthanasia will stay an issue being widely discussed. Thus, you can find a lot of materials to write essays against euthanasia or for it as well as add your personal opinions.


Main Arguments against Euthanasia

There are a number of valid arguments against euthanasia. Your task is to structure them properly and make them clear enough to have the desired influence on your reader or audience.

       1. The Value of Life

In case of euthanasia legalization, the value of life will decrease. Indeed, if killing can somehow be explained, this means that other people can still have some arguments, which are good enough for killing or suicide. To some extend euthanasia is an assisted suicide. This will also contradict the dogmas of the main word religions.

        2. Leaving No Choice

No one else has the right to decide, whether this person needs to live or not. There are a lot of cases, when the miracle happened and person started to become better. Euthanasia leaves no choice and completely no hope for the person`s recovery.

        3. Doctor`s Mistake

Some people can be diagnosed to be incurably ill by mistake. However, euthanasia makes such a mistake inevitable. We should understand, that the man factor needs to be taken into account, as people can make mistakes.

         4. Economical Factor

Modern treatment costs much more than the drugs for the assisted suicide. This may influence the thing, that people will commit euthanasia instead of treating just due to the lack of money. Human`s life should not be evaluated by money.

       5. Contribution to the Social Division and Discrimination

There will be a certain division supported by euthanasia cases. The euthanasia cases will be more frequent concerning the minorities and pressed social groups.


How to Write Essays against Euthanasia Well?

Here are a few pieces of advice, which may help.

  • Influence Emotionally

As euthanasia deals with person dying, the emotional sphere of your reader/audience can be touched. You can apply to their dear and close people and this will be an effective mean of manipulation.

  • Provide Examples

All your ideas should better be supported with valuable links, illustrated with some real life situations. Such things make your essay trustworthy, so your reader will more likely take your side.

  • Be Two-Sided

This means that you should understand, that there is an opposite opinion about euthanasia. Therefore, it is important to somehow attach the possible arguments of your opponent and show their weak points.

  • Be Certain

You are to be certain in your position concerning euthanasia. Your reader or listener will definitely see and hear your uncertainty and you will never be able to convince anyone in your point.

  • Write Correctly

It is important to write your essays against euthanasia correctly with no grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues. The thing is that such minor mistakes not only had a bad influence on your grade, but also make your reader understand, that you are not quite intelligent person. Therefore, your thoughts won`t be taken seriously.


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