Essays on Stereotypes: The Main Three Aspects to be Covered

Stereotypes is an inherent element of our modern culture. Indeed, there are always some common thoughts about the citizens of certain countries, or some culture representatives etc. We actually understand, that people are different, but still stereotypes exist. Thus, essays on stereotypes are quite interesting.


3 Main Aspects to View on Stereotypes from

To write good essays on stereotypes you should review all the points the issue deals with in general. The three aspects approach will help you not to forget anything important.

1st Aspect: Causes

Why do stereotypes exist? What can be the cause of thinking about people judging them by just some separate features, which may have practically no influence on the personality? Well, there can be a lot of reasons, but we will mention the main two here.

  • People`s Constant Critique

It is in humans` nature to critique everything around. We analyze the word through comparison and generalizing, dividing everything into categories, having some common features. Therefore, when it comes to people, we try to make everything easier and think about them as a part of a certain homogeneous group.

  • Surface View

Most of people prefer surface view on subjects and people. Therefore, they rely on stereotypes not even trying to see what is specific about the person and why he/she can be interesting. It is much more difficult to approach the person in-depth. For example, most of the sub-cultures are identified by their clothing, not by their ideas and principles of life, what is extremely wrong.


2nd Aspect: Consequences

The consequences of stereotyping actually show, why it is a serious social problem to find a solution to.

  • Psychological Pressure

Labelling people makes them believe that they cannot change. Thus, this creates some psychological problems making it more difficult for a person to figure out with his/her life.

       1. Influence on Motivation

A person, who has felt the influence of stereotypes, experiences a strong impact on his/her motivation. They feel, that whatever they do, they will always be treated like they has changed nothing and achieved nothing just due to some stereotypical features.

       2. Worries about Being Labelled

Representatives of the certain social groups or any other groups of people feel quite uncomfortable, as they are not always able to act like they want to. They have a worry of being labelled and influence the social image of the whole group they belong to.

  • Making Society Less Open

Imagine, that all of the society members are afraid of being labelled to some extent. This creates a situation, when people are closed and not sure about how to behave among other people not to get stereotyped. They try to minimalize communication not to be a victim of stereotypes and a lot of information remains hidden.


3rd Aspect: What Can Be Done?

When we talk about a certain issue, it will be a good idea to suggest ways for its solution.

Way 1: Think and Analyze

Every person should be controlled by logic and his/her personal observations instead of letting stereotypes control him/her.

Way 2: Concentrate Your Attention on Differences

It is much more interesting to look at a person as a specific personality. Every person is unique and it is a pleasure to see and understand that set of unique features.

Way 3: Don`t Judge Too Fast

You should learn the person through communication with him/her in order to have the proper opinion. Stereotypes won`t contribute to the good relationship.



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