Explanatory essay: topic ideas and writing guidelines.

Explanatory essay is, in fact, a type of expository writing when a student needs to explain various points of a particular subject. There are several aspects that are usually considered, such as a historical insight, a definition the subject, its inventors/ creators/ developers, its main characteristics, significance, problematic questions and so on. One more important note is that you should do your best to make your exposition interesting and vivid so the reader gets pleasure from reading your paper. Here we have some ideas for explanation topics and useful tips on expository writing.

Useful tips on expository writing.

  • There are few basic functions of the explanatory writing:
  • Expository: the essay is meant to explain the basic points to the reader, clarify those components and features, which determine it.
  • Informational: in the explanatory essay you should provide the objective pieces of information about the subject and minimize your reflections about it.
  • It is important to make the paper attractive to the audience. In order for people not to get bored do your best to provide those points, facts and arguments that are really interesting and new. Do not include description of the obvious things, only the introduction may contain some general insights for presenting the topic.
  • You can touch upon such questions as the significance or meaning of your subject, explaining the process of its work, providing its history, telling about your own experience with it.

You should be careful with selecting the topic for your explanatory paper as it must possess these features:

  1. You should be familiar with the topic and be able to explain it in your own words.
  2. It has to be interesting for you so you can find worthy of note points.
  3. The subject should be broad enough to write about and narrow enough to cover the essential points.

Topic list for explanatory essays.

  1. The best method of preparing for final exams.
  2. Sports games: should they be attended and why?
  3. What are the benefits of keeping healthy diet?
  4. Junk food: good or evil?
  5. First week in a college: issues of switching from high school to college.
  6. Should we help suicidal people?
  7. Applying for college: how to make a right decision?
  8. How to get a grant for studying?
  9. Getting scholarship for college.
  10. Choosing classes in college: best ways to select.
  11. How to make a suitable hair style.
  12. How to select a good service.
  13. How to take care of your health.
  14. Dental care: is it necessary and why?
  15. How to find a work for summer?
  16. How to write a cover letter?
  17. The best ways to pack a suitcase.
  18. What is philosophy?
  19. What is beauty?
  20. What is poetry?
  21. The issue of homelessness: can we solve it?
  22. Adoption, its reasons and consequences.
  23. What is human trafficking?
  24. What is the effect of divorce on children’s understanding of family?
  25. How does pollution influence people health?
  26. Best methods to manage student’s time.
  27. Effects of stress.

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