Family Essay Topics for Different Types of Writing

Writing a family essay is not that easy as it may seem. The topic is easy indeed, and there are lot of possibilities to make it narrower. However, to write an unusual paper in a good understanding, you should be able to select an interesting aspect to cover. Check some family essay topics to benefit from!


Good Family Essay Topics

Here are the suggestions for writing a good essay taking into account the type of essay you need to complete.


          1. Narrative Family Essay Topics

  • How my family spends leisure time?
  • An important event for the whole family
  • The history of our family
  • Summer Vacation with Family
  • A weekend with family
  • Me and my sibling
  • The value of my mother`s/father`s advice
  • How family helped me to overcome personal difficulties?
  • Childhood memories
  • The issues with my parents, when I was a teenager


           2. Expository Family Essay Topics

  • The influence of family on the personality formation
  • Family as an introduction to the society
  • The philosophy of family relationships
  • The psychological issues caused by mistreating within the family relations
  • The family genetic issues
  • The influence of languages spoken in a family to development of bilingualism
  • The parents teaching as a mechanism of development of skills
  • The generation gap: ways to overcome the difficulties
  • The influence of the families social and economic position to the children`s life
  • The issues, which appear while having the family business
  • The education of the children in homeless families
  • The impact of divorces into the child`s psychology
  • The importance of the family planning
  • The gender stereotypes regarding the family roles
  • The influence of polygamy to the role of women in society
  • The effectiveness and principles of family therapy
  • The psychological issues the twins face
  • The psychology of the step-children
  • Stepparenting by the non-traditional families
  • The stepchild and stepparents relationships: ways to improve
  • How to balance career, home and personal life?
  • The psychology of the modern grandparenthood
  • Challenges of a single mother in the modern world
  • Family traditions in different countries of the world
  • Economic factors in family formation
  • The influence of the general economic, ecologic and political environment on family planning


           3. Argumentative Family Essay Topics

  • Spending time with family or with friends
  • Studying and living far from family: for or against
  • Leaving the native house having reached the age of 18: for or against
  • Listening of the parents` advice or making your own choice
  • One child family or family having 2 or more children: what is better?
  • Mother`s care: does it have only positive consequences?
  • Are girls closer to their mothers and boys closer to their fathers or not?
  • Should mothers work or just take care of children?
  • The single sex marriages` legitimization: for or against?
  • The legalization of polygamy: for or against?
  • Can single parent family carry a successful bringing up for children?
  • Child free individuals: are they right or wrong?
  • What should be valued more: family or work?
  • Should grandparents take part in children`s bringing up?


          4. Descriptive Family Essay Topics

  • The appearance of my parents
  • The house my family lives in
  • The dinner with family
  • The genealogic tree of my family
  • The house I remember from my childhood
  • My grandparents

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