Glass Menagerie Essay: Do Not Try to Tell Everything at Once

A Glass Menagerie is a memory play written by Tennessee Williams in 1944. The play has a lot of aspects reviewed and has a strong symbolistic background. In order to write a good glass menagerie essay, you should fully understand the plot and choose the approach to it.


The Main Lines of the Play

If you need to write a short essay, you should get ready to the fact, that not all the important details can be reviewed. If you try to say everything at once, this may end up in failure. Thus, you should choose one aspect of the play to write about it effectively.


  • Love Line

One of the brightest lines of the novel is the love one. Obviously, talking about love we should write about Laura’s relationship to Jim. It was a long-term love that turned to be brighter after time passed. From the play we can see that love is the feeling, which gives a hope and optimism, as well as the feeling that can leave a person broken. Love helps to create illusions, which have no means to become true, and this gap can ruin personality.


  • Family Relationships

The play also touches upon the issue of family relationship between mother and two siblings. This point can be divided into two aspects:

       1. Single-Mother’s Attitude to Her Children

Here we can see the typical behavior of mother, who wants happiness for her children. The issue is that her willing to make things better becomes too pressing for her children’s personality. Amanda (the mother) tries to give the better life for her children, but she does not think that their understanding of a better life may differ from hers. She seems to see nothing but her aims concerning Tom and Laura. Therefore, her behavior works destructively for her Laura’s and Tom’s life.

       2. Relationship between Siblings

We can see how nice are the relationship between the siblings. Quite showing are the last memories of Tom before he left home: he thinks about his sister with the candle, what has quite a symbolic meaning.


  • The Problem of Self-Realization

This issue can be reviewed through the analysis of Tom and Jim. Although Jim was quite popular at school, he is not that successful and he still have not found his way in his life. Tom hates his job and he understands the conflict, so he is trying to escape through visits to the cinema.


  • Symbolic Background

Obviously, the play have a strong symbolic nature. Let’s review the main symbols of the play.


       1. The Glass Menagerie

 The glass menagerie symbolizes the life of Laura, with her ideals and hopes being fragile and pure. A unicorn symbolizes Laura, as she is different from others, but the broken horn shows the consequences of the conflict between her hopes and reality. The important fact is Jim’s saying that he is not glassy.


       2. The Visit to a Cinema

The Tom’s visits to the cinema is also symbolistic, as he is trying to escape from the world he is feeling uncomfortable in.


       3. The Blue Rose

It is the other way to describe the main character. Laura had such a nickname at school. This emphasizes on her inner beauty and shows that she is not like other common society members.


Help with Glass Menagerie Essay

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