How to Write a Classification Essay Well: an Advice in the Example

How to Write a Classification Essay Well: an Advice in the Example

Classification essays are the type of essays, when you have a number of subjects to group them taking a certain criterion as a basis. You should select the main subject, and then due to an analysis you can divide it on certain sub groups and types. The classification can be performed differently taking into account the personal inception of a writer. The accent depends on the approach to the classification and on what was put in the basis. So, we can define a several types of classification essays taking into account the criteria taken as a basis for classification.

Classification of Subjects

One can classify the subjects into groups taking into account their features. If the subjects have something in common, even a small thing, this can be a good thing to build a classification. If you are talking about the clothes, you can classify them by brand, by popularity, by types of items, by colour, by their being up-to-date or old-fashioned.

Classification of Features

Features also can be somehow classified. You can develop a general classification or you can also take into consideration the subjects, where the features are present. This is the more complex and rare assignment, but it still exists. For example, you can classify a feature `explosive`. You can classify it on explosive substances and explosive people in metaphoric meaning.

Classification of Events

As events have different features, they can be classified in quite a different way. Each event has such inherent features as causes, effects, time, result, duration and so on. So, if you need to classify the main events of a certain century, you can take any of these features as a basis and form some groups. You can also set some limits for groups` differentiation: events, which lasted less than a year, events, which lasted from year to two years, events, which duration exceeds 2 years etc.

So, as we can see, there are different types of classification and the way the classification is written much depends on the personal approach of the person, who writes. In this classification essay we have classified types of essay depending on the subject of classification. However, it is also possible to divide the classification essay types according to the way it is written, techniques used and so on.


The above essay about writing a classification essay is by itself an example of well-written classification essay. Let`s analyze it for your better understanding.

1)      Topic

The topic selected is appropriate for classification essay, as it can easily cover the different groups of essay in order to explain how to write an essay clearer.

2)      Structure

The essay has a common 3 parts structure:

  1. A.      Introduction

The introduction states the issue and has a thesis statement as a last sentence. The thesis for the classification essay is written in format “We can define a few types of (something) according to (some feature/criterion)”.

  1. B.      Body Part

It includes 3 paragraphs each about a one certain group. The examples are being provided. Any classification can have a t least two groups and here we see 3 of them.

  1. C.      Conclusion

The conclusion for this essay paraphrases the thesis statement, setting the accent on personal interpretation of a subject (criterion selection). The conclusion also shows the possibility of other approaches, opening an opportunity for the further research on the issue.

3)      Extra-Ordinary Writing

The classification writing about classification essays creates a certain feeling of paradox and represents the creative approach to the issue. Find your own way to impress your reader.

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