How to write a college essay?

Having become a College student and graduating from high school one should understand, that the level of demands to his knowledge and skills became higher as well. This is also reflected on the complexity level of essay writing. Thus, having even been an expert in writing at High School you should understand now how to write a college essay.

First of all, college essays deal with the deeper overview of issues. Therefore, comparing a paper written on the same topic at high school and college level, you will see that the latter one has more complex terminology, structure, and overall way of delivery of idea. Indeed, during studying in College you are learning materials more specifically, so you know more, and writing in the essay some general info won’t work any more. You will be required to use some appropriate terminology and use more sources, which are academic and reliable. Even if the length of papers required in high school and at college stays approximately the same, at college your draft needs to be longer and then you need to edit paper to make it shorter and taking off some not necessary parts in order to keep only important information to remain. As the college essay is more compressed, more attention should be paid to structure. If 5 paragraphs are enough for High School, this won’t be enough for a college paper. Even if you consider that 3 paragraphs are enough for body part of your college essay, they should be efficient and informative. However, 5 paragraphs structure is good for a narrow topic only, because the wide and general topic will have more aspects of expression and depiction.

More attention surely needs to be paid to sources and citations as well. Plagiarism issue is an important one and you should always indicate sources for materials used in your college paper not to get into troubles of using someone’s ideas and telling that they are yours. Type of sources also differs a lot if to compare high school essay and college essay. If you write a college essay, you should prefer academic sources for your paper and use only reliable ones.

It is important to select a proper topic for your college essay. Selection of topic is usually more difficult than choosing one for high school paper. The complexity is mostly caused by deepening of research and requirement of more narrow and specific approach. The selection of proper topic is half of success, because it shows your understanding of the issue at all and ability to find the best aspect of the problem taking into account the type of essay required.

Also, being a college student, you should understand the type of essay that your professor needs to perform. As you may already know, there are lots of them. The type of essay determines type of writing, approach to issue or a group of connected/ contrasted ones, structure etc. You should attentively check what is required as even writing a good essay won`t help, if you did an essay of a wrong type.

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