How to write a college paper: student’s guide

Writing papers for college may seem challenging for students. It requires some time and efforts and usually cannot be done on a spot. However, if you know the basic rules for writing it will not seem too difficult. We are presenting some of them here.

Rule #1. Reading towards writing

  • Despite the type of paper you have assigned you will, for sure, have to do some reading before you start your writing.
  • Especially, reading part is important for book reviews, response and reaction essays, and comparative papers for contrasting the particular pieces of reading.
  • The first thing you should do is to read the source needed carefully and pay attention on its author, genre, and main points.
  • Write down your impressions and thoughts caused by the reading. You will be able to use them in the paper.
  • Note the citations you find the most significative as they will go as your supporting evidences in the paper.

Rule #2 Understanding the assignment

  • Be careful with your topic. Re-read it few times before starting the work on your paper. You should clearly understand what is needed from you.
  • Do not forget the requirements, which are usually given by the instructor. They are worth your attention as they are not just giving the limits but showing you the way.
  • Remember that the perfect written essay may fail if it does not meet the instructions.
  • Do not be afraid to consult with your professor on any stage of your work. He is the one to assure you are on the right track.

Rule #3 Finding the ideas

  • After you defined your topic you should figure out, which ideas you can reveal in its frames.
  • For this you can do brainstorming: just making a list of as many ideas as possible and after pick out the most reasonable ones.
  • Freewriting is also a nice method. Try to write all you think about the topic assigned and after your thoughts lye on the paper you will be able to find the meaningful ones among them.
  • Ask the questions: think what, who, why, when, where and how happened and try to find the answers. That is how you will be able to create the definitions, compare, and define the importance of your subject.

Rule #4 Know who is your reader

  • Not only the requirements of the instructor should be learned but also you must know the general standards of academic writing.
  • Figure out the preferences of your reader. Should your paper include the creative part or in must be sustained in the formal frames?

Rule #5 Avoid the usual mistakes in logic and reasoning

  • Do not make invalid and unsupported assumptions. Make sure your statement is truthful and you have proved it with facts and evidences.
  • Keep away from the stereotypes. Your opinion should be objective and not prejudiced.
  • Do not appeal to emotions too much. The topic may excite you but still your language has to stay formal. Bring facts and proofs instead of feelings.

And the main rule is to be attentive and diligent and you will succeed.

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