How to Write a Comparison Essay: Advice to Follow

Comparison essay writing is something that every student faces from time to time. Indeed, a comparison essays writing develops the student’s analytical skill and helps to learn in-depth information on the required issues. Learn how to write a comparison essay with EssayCheap.Us!


Choosing the Appropriate Topic

In order to compare effectively, you should have two subjects, which are appropriate for comparison. How to get those? In case the subjects are not determined by your assignment instructions, this may be a challenging task. The two subjects being compared should have enough in common and enough different features to be suitable. For example, there is no point to compare a table and an economic system, since they have practically nothing similar. You should better select two subtypes of one type, so they will have enough similar features to belong to the same kind, and enough different ones to be determined as separate phenomena/subjects etc.


Structuring Your Comparison Essay

To emphasize on the comparison, you should take care of the appropriate paper structure. Having two subjects and writing a paragraph per each will look like a two part simple expository essay. The review of the subjects should be delivered simultaneously. Thus, there is a point to choose between the following two types of structures:

  • The Differences and Similarities

You may separate differences and similarities in your essay. Firstly, you will write about the features, which the subjects have in common. Then you will proceed to the review of the differences in details.

  • The Features Based Structuring

To concentrate your reader’s attention on features even more, you can devote a paragraph to each particular feature reviewed. A paragraph needs to consist of information dealing with both subjects, and show exactly, how the mentioned feature is represented.


Making Your Comparison Essay More Effective

The following information will teach you how to write a comparison essay to make it convincing and trustworthy.

  • Add Examples

Surely, a comparison won’t be full without the examples and evidence to support your point of view. It is not enough to say, that a certain subject or phenomenon has the named feature, because you are to explain, how the feature is represented.

  • Add Outside Information

The outside information will show to some extend that you are an expert in the field. It won’t be a mistake to include some citation of sources, which deal with your issue. Knowing and using the information from classic and modern sources makes your essay more informative. However, do not forget to separate the borrowed ideas with your own ones with the help of proper citation.

  • Take Care about Your Conclusion

A bad conclusion can make the whole essay fail. It is necessary to create a good final impression and show that you have carried a good analysis of the issues, putting an emphasis on the most important details. Remember, that conclusion is not a good place for examples or adding something new, that has not been mentioned before.


Placing an Order to Learn How to Write a Comparison Essay

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