How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay? Make It Strong!

A successful essay is the one, which creates a good impression on the reader. Actually, to create a proper impression you should catch the reader attention on the beginning, keep him/her interested and then let him read a strong conclusion. Here we will tell you how to write a conclusion for an essay making it convincing.


Main Points of a Qualitative Conclusion Writing

Actually, conclusion writing does not usually take long, but you should responsibly work on it. If you are not an experienced writer, here are some useful simple tips for you to complete a proper and effective conclusion.


  • Make It Short

The most effective conclusion is the short one. Surely, it should have more than one sentence, but never more than a body part. A good conclusion is actually 10% of the essay. The shortness means conciseness in this case. All this contributes to the certain and strong text, which will be easy understood by your reader.


  • Include Only Relevant Information

By the relevant information we mean not only the facts, which suit to your topic. It is also important to understand, what should be included to a conclusion. For example, there should not be any examples: all they need to be moved to the body part. When it comes to a conclusion, the reader should already understand everything you wanted him to. Furthermore, make sure that there is nothing new in your conclusion. Conclusion is for summarizing, not for trying to say, what has not been said before.


  • Look Back at Your Thesis Statement

If you are aimed on writing a qualitative essay, you surely have a thesis statement in the introduction. You should look back to it writing a conclusion, as at the last paragraphs you are to state that your initial task where successfully achieved. Simple copying of the thesis statement into conclusion won`t work. Therefore, paraphrase it and say in another words, that having written the paper, you have confirmed your initial statement.


  • Watch Your Language

Surely, I am not talking about such common requirements as absence of slang (unless you are writing a linguistic essay on slang) or other words, which fall out of academic stylistic norms. I am talking about the words, which express uncertainty. If your conclusion has such words as “maybe”, “perhaps”, “probably” etc., it is more likely to fail. You have written an essay on this issue, so in conclusion you should know for sure what you are talking about. Be exact and your reader will trust you.


A Possibility to Learn How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

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