How to Write a Critical Essay to Get A?

How to Write a Critical Essay Efficiently?

A critical essay is actually your personal evaluation of the certain piece of work (it can come from Art or Literature sphere mostly). To learn how to write a critical essay efficiently, you can check some helpful advice from the professional writers.

Algorithm for Successful Writing of a Critical Essay

There are three main stages of critical writing you should follow. On each stage you need to ask yourself certain questions and give the answers to them. There is no need to spend much time on the search for additional sources. All you are required to do is to attentively and analytically evaluate the one source assigned.

1st Step: Read

In order to write, you should know what you write about. Therefore, first of all you should read the required source. Putting notes, highlighting some important parts, and writing down the comments that appear while reading: all these actions will be quite helpful for the successful critical essay performance. After having gone through this stage you should ask yourself:

1)      Do I understand the text?

2)      Have I got its main idea?

2nd Step: Think Over

After you have read the text, you should think about its points revealed. Actually, there are 3 main points needed to be determined:

  • Topic of the Text

You should define what this text is about clearly.

  • Main Arguments

You should find the main arguments provided in the text by writer.

  • Support of Arguments

Finally, it is important to check, how the author is trying to support his arguments. Examples, illustrations etc. play an important role.

So, your questions will be:

1)      What is this text about?

2)      What and how is being proved or supported in the text?

3rd Step: Analyze

Finally you reach the most important step for writing a critical essay. On this stage you are required to present your comments to the materials suggested for analysis. You can select the main ideas or those, which interested you the most. It is a good idea to agree or disagree with them, providing the adequate arguments. The questions you ask yourself on this stage are:

1)      Is the text convincing and does it seem to be true?

2)      Is the text fresh and gives valuable new information?

3)      Is the source interesting to read and well-written?

Having followed these steps you will know how to write a critical essay. The results of thinking, which come from your passing the 2nd and the 3rd stages, will be textually represented in your critical essay.

Advanced Critical Essay Writing

If you want to know how to write a critical essay perfectly, you can also take into account some possible improvements.

  • Intertextual Links and Conflicts

You can show your level of erudition by mentioning other sources, which are somehow connected with the one analyzed. There can be sources with similar ideas or the ones, who come into conflict with some parts of your text.

  • Methodological Critique

You can also pay attention to the methods of the author`s presenting of material. You should tell whether the methods applied are appropriate or not. Using the reliable scientific sources will be also appropriate in this case.

So, we will be glad to offer our helping hand to those, who want to know how to write a critical essay.

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