How to write a essay faster: basic rules for students.

An essay is a type of writing assignment, which you will receive really often at high school, college or university. Completing an effective paper requires a number of steps, which is why the task may seem rather challenging for student: not only is the content significant but structure and writing skills are taken into account. Read our article in order to learn how to write a coherent essay that corresponds to the assignment in a timely manner.

Manage your time consciously.

  • If your task is to write an essay - do not postpone it until the last moment. The best variant when you can do it is right after getting the assignment or on the same day. As you will still remember the professor’s guidelines and possess fresh knowledge on the topic it will be easier to manage the task with meeting all the necessary requirements.
  • Do not spin out the writing process the whole day. It is really possible to complete within just one hour if you are not distracted by other agents or activities.
  • When you have finally decided to start writing first of all plan how much time you will spend on each stage. Main steps you have to consider are reviewing and understanding your assignment, collecting the ideas, writing a draft, revising the essay.

Answering the right question.

  • This stage is dealing with your understanding of the assignment. There is no way that is can be omitted as matching the task is the basic factor which influences the grade for the essay.
  • Check your question on what it asks you to do. The essential word marker that you must pay attention to are such as “evaluate”, “summarize”, “describe”, “define”, “analyze”, “synthesize” and so on. In fact, these are the verbs which will determine a type of the essay and your writing strategy.
  • Read your question once again and highlight the main concepts you are asked to address. Make sure that you understand their meaning (if you do not – consult with the dictionary or any other relevant source).

Collecting the ideas.

  • This step is important because it actually gathers the building material for your paper.
  • In order to save your time make an outline or draw the idea map. This is how you will be able to establish links with your thesis, arguments and evidence for them.
  • We also recommend you to start right from the point and avoid bringing irrelevant information to your writing. This is how you will save you time and word count.

Revise your writing.

  • Revising stage is very often omitted by the students, which it absolutely incorrect.
  • Leave some time for yourself to re-read and revise your essay as even if your writing skills are perfect you can never be sure that some typo or punctuation error could happen.
  • When you are proofreading the essay pay special attention to the thesis statement. It must correspond to your writing, which is why you should not hesitate to modify it if it is needed. Make sure that all the points, which you mentioned in the thesis statement, were revealed. Moreover, if you have uncovered some additional spots do not forget to add them to the thesis.

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