How to Write a Good College Essay: Tips for Improvement

How to Write a Good College Essay: an Advice on Proper Essay Writing

It is important to know how to write a good college essay as good papers lead to high grades, and high grades open a lot of opportunities for the further life. Thus, for those, who care about being successful, we offer some pieces of advice to follow.

What Is the Specifics of a Good College Essay?

You should keep in mind that the college essay is more difficult than the papers, which you used to write being a High School student. Furthermore, college essays are easier than the university ones. The differences can be noticed on the following features:

  1. 1.       Topic

The topic of a good college essay is usually not that general as students get at High School. However, it is still not too narrow and specific as suggested for university paper writing. If your assignment instructions do not have topic, you should select a good one to complete a qualitative college paper. The good topic for a college essay should deal with theories and terms, which a college student should be aware of. It does not need to be too complex and deal with the specific scientific details.

  1. 2.       Structure

The 5 paragraph structure won`t be appropriate for a college essay in most of the cases. It will require a more complex structure with more sub paragraphs of the body part. The 5 paragraph model of structure will be appropriate for only a narrow topic, which can be overviewed from not more than 3 aspects.

  1. 3.       Sources

The sources for a college paper unlike for a common high school paper need to be academic and reliable. The websites, which have “pedia” in their names, will definitely be not suitable for a good college paper. Thus, if you want to know how to write a good college paper, you should be aware of how to select appropriate sources.

  1. 4.       Language

The language of a paper should also represent the higher level of paper`s complexity. Thus, it should have quotes from good sources as well as the essay needs to have an academic theoretical basis. The more complex language does not usually mean complex structure and a lot of terms used. You should still take care of your paper being clear and easy to get.

What Should You Avoid while Writing a College Essay?

There are also a few features, which are not to be present in a college essay. To be aware of how to write a good college essay, you should also know what not to do.

  1. 1.       Plagiarism

A plagiarized college essay cannot be considered to be good. Your professor wants to see and grade your personal work, but not someone else`s paper. Furthermore, plagiarism will cause the complete failure and troubles.

  1. 2.       Mistakes

This seems to be obvious. Nevertheless, more than a half of college students submit papers, which were not proofread, and this surely causes to grades deduction. The college paper needs also be checked on mistakes in its sense. All the information provided should be true and with logical arguments.

  1. 3.       Missed Specifications

If you have got the detailed assignment instructions, you should follow each single point of the requirement attentively. Even if your paper has been written at its best, it won`t get A if you have missed some of instructions.

As you can see, it is not easy to do an assignment, if you do not know how to write a good college paper. Thus, you should better ask our service for the college paper writing help and we will gladly assist you.

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