How to write a good SAT essay: 5 easy steps.

The first thing you should remember when you write a SAT essay is that it has a standard measures for grading as the rest of the test. It is clear that all students have different level of talent in writing but the same demands that are set allow assessing the works in an unbiased way. Basing on these standardized requirements we have developed 5 main steps for writing a proper SAT essay.

Step 1. Understand what is needed from you.

Note that a typical SAT essay is easier than the ones you have been writing at high school. This writing task has 25 minutes limit which is why everybody knows that within this time you will not be able to conduct a research or prepare a lot. Thus, you are writing on that knowledge basis, which you already acquired.

In order to have an idea of the good SAT essays you should check sample essays online before your test

However, you should understand the time limit is not a reason to be careless, it just means that your paper will not be as complex as those you have written at school or college.

Step 2. Prepare before the test.

A quality preparation work is what can help you with your writing. Give yourself enough time for this stage; be sure that one day before the test will be not enough.

It is a good idea to read some classical pieces of literature, any ones that were assigned to you by teacher. Learn the major details from them: names of characters, authors, plot, and settings. Also, you should be abreast of the news and pay attention to the history lessons.

Step 3. Do not hesitate.

Remember that you do not have much time and second-guessing will really take many of your precious minutes. You do not need to be too original but better show your clear understanding of the issue and write it in the logical way. Make sure there are no grammar mistakes and your arguments correspond to your thesis and support it.

Step 4. Have a timed practice before the test

Practicing your writing on time is the best way to improve your skills and acquire confidence in yourself. There are many essay prompts available online so you can choose different topics and try to write limiting yourself in time. This is how you will be able to feel the time and develop the essay templates with certain words and phrase patterns that you can reuse in every work.

Step 5. Structure of the SAT essay.

Usually SAT essay’s prompt is based on the “yes or no”-questions, which is why they are typically normative.

Your essay should have 3 main parts: an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. This structure is appropriate for every essay’s prompt.

More tips:

  • Do not overthink your essay. Your first purpose is clarity and that is why you should not spend much time trying to be sophisticated.
  • Use active voice for verbs and short sentences. The graders will be thankful for the easy-readable piece of writing.
  • Try to be personal. The examples from your personal experience will reveal your good understanding of the topic.

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