How to write a great essay: come pieces of advice.

An essay writing process may seem a challenging task for students. A number of factors, indeed, have an impact on the paper completion. When writing you should pay attention to the preparation work, finding and elaborating the sources, making an outline, composing a perfect and clear structure, improving the style, which should correspond to the academic requirements. However, sometimes you think you have followed all the points but the essay is not still absolutely flawless. For such cases you should check our tips how to write a great essay.

Step 1. Time-management.

  • First thing you have to keep in mind is that writing a paper is a time-consuming task. Thus, you better do not postpone this assignment for the last night before the deadline as it is not the way how the great essays are crafted. Give yourself enough time.
  • Secondly, regardless of how many days or hours you have to write your paper you should spend the time in following way:  ¼ for preparation and organization, half of your time for writing and ¼ for revising and proofreading.

Step 2. Preparation stage.

We have several ideas of how to improve your prewriting process.

  • Free-writing: 

-          keep writing anything you can say on your topic;

-          follow your thought wherever they take you;

-          when your writing is completed mark the most interesting and worthy ideas;

-          do not think about how it looks; nobody is going to see your free writing draft.

  • Brainstorming:

-          think of any possible ideas about your subject: do not limit yourself;

-          remember that the more time you have the more and brighter ideas may appear;

-          if you have issues with your topic try make it look as a question;

-          when you are done highlight the best points and try to put them into certain categories.

Step 3. Map of concepts.

Every paper has the general ideas, in other, words, concepts, which they are built upon.  Try to structure them in a tree or diagram with the connections and consequences. Also, you can shape them as a web with big and general concepts in the big circles and sub-categories in the smaller ones.

Step 4. Reading.

The essay is a good chance for a student to demonstrate his knowledge about the subject. For sure, you must show what you have read from the recommended sources but also this is an opportunity to tell if you know any additional information from you non-class readings on the topic.

Step 5. Visual art.

It is a great idea to illustrate your points with some visual patterns, such as graphs, diagrams, webs, or tables. This is how you will show your deep comprehension of the subject and the reader will be able remember your points better.

Step 6. Improve your vocabulary.

You should never stop working on your vocabulary, especially within your field of study or research. When you are doing some readings note good words to remember, always check the meaning of a new terms. This is the way to improve your language and enrich the vocabulary.

These are some tips how to make your writing easier and essays more successful. Good luck!

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