How to write a hook for an essay?

One of the challenging tasks, which writing essays usually carries with itself, is to get the attention of the audience. After giving your best to the paper, having conducted a deep research, developed a perfect thesis and meaningful arguments that are supported by bright examples it is fair to expect a good feedback from the reader about your work. However, the issue with catching eyes of a sophisticated reader really exists. That is why we prepared some ideas how to write a hook for your essay.

What is a hook and how does it work?

  • Hook in the essay is usually one or a couple of sentences at the very beginning of your paper that grab the reader’s attention and do not allow him to leave your paper.
  • Be sure to find hooks not only in the essays but in all verbal pieces of information nowadays: advertisings, songs, literature pieces and so on.
  • The hook’s purpose is to attract the audience, make them read the paper till the very end, and remember what was told.

Methods to craft an awesome hook for your essay.

  • Note your audience.

You should perfectly realize who will be reading your paper and create it up to their requirements. If you know some preferences of your professor it is time to use them now. Think of possible things from your topic that matter to your instructor and how he or she would like his students to get it started.

  • Determine the purpose of your writing.

Commonly your purpose will depend on the type of essay you are working on. The hook should fit with your writing overall. There is no sense in starting the paper about the war consequences with an anecdote. Remember that your introduction and a hook therefore set a mood of the reader for the entire paper. Thus, choose it wisely.

  • Refining your hook.

One more important point is to make sure that you have used only right words for your hook. There should be nothing add and, certainly, any kinds of errors are inacceptable.

Despite the hook is the first sentence of the essay you can write it last. Then you will see the full picture of your paper and will understand better what the most interesting point about it is.

  • What can I use as a hook?

There are a lot of possible types of hooks. We have chosen the most effective one’s for you and listed it here.


It is a short story about your one someone’s experience. Important thing about it is that anecdote should make a point or teach something.

A quotation.

A quote is a sentence or passage written or spoken by someone else. You can use the quotation from literature or any other source.

A surprising fact.

It should be a piece of information that can interest or puzzle the reader.

A rhetorical question.

This is a sentence in the interrogative form that does not pre-suppose answering it but it rather makes a point.

Shocking statistics.

Try to find some figures about your topic that will be able to surprise your audience.

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