How to write a paper: 2 rules of success.

If you are writing a paper your first purpose is to make your position be understood by the readers. This is why you need to be clear. In fact, it is not always an easy task as what is meaningful for you can have no sense for a particular reader. However, even the problem of misunderstanding can be solved and here are two rules to keep in mind when writing: being concise and being precise. These are the directives that will make your essay really reader-oriented and will let you control your stream of wordiness. Here are the tips how to write in precise and concise manner.

  1. 1.       How to write precisely?  

1.1. Clarity in advance of novelty.

  • It is a common situation when in order to make the writing language more sophisticated the student chooses in thesaurus rare or too complicated substituents for usual words.
  • Remember that simple words do not make your paper look simplistic. Instead, they will be able to address the wider range of readers. Also, even the most common words can express wise ideas.

1.2. Meaning in advance of novelty.

  • Do not use an unknown word for expressing your thought. The words from thesaurus may seem familiar and close but they may hide the connotations, which you are not accustomed to. Thus, we recommend you to dress up your ideas only in perfectly known words.
  • Some of the words may be suitable for different audience. For example, you cannot use technical or slang expressions in the essay.

1.3. Meaning in advance of belonging.

  • Avoid using jargon and slang. Both of these lexical types are fulfilling the needs of separate social or professional groups, which is why they may be not familiar to the reader from another group.
  • Even if your reader understands the slang and jargon words that you include, he or she may just not expect to see them in an academic context.
  • You may not be able to avoid some of technical words – in this case just provide the audience with their definition and explain with plainer expressions.
  1. 2.       How to write concisely?

2.1. Saving time and words.

  • What we all are willing to do is to save our time. And the rule of economy of linguistic resources can help us. That is actually conciseness.
  • If you use the precise words you are already managing to be concise. Your next step is putting your ideas in the as few words as possible.

2.2. Using stronger verbs.

  • Usually a verb is a core of the sentence as it expresses the main thing which is happening in these frames. This is why you should choose your verbs wisely when you are trying to be concise.
  • Substitute the verb “to be” with a stronger on. Typically “to be” is a part of some expression that can be written with the help of just one verb.
  • One more case, when you will be able to omit “to be” and its forms, is using active voice instead of passive. Additionally, this will make your paper more vivid and the reader will know the bearer of the action.

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