How to Write a Paper Better: Tips for Development

How to Write a Paper: General Requirements

What Features Should an Academic Paper Have?

Obviously, there is a big variety of academic assignments on different papers to be written. Each of them is specific, but still there are some common features of paper writing.

  1. 1.                  Academic Language

If you are writing an academic paper, it should have appropriate language. Indeed, there cannot be any slang words, vernacularism, colloquial English shortenings etc. (unless you are writing a paper which deals with Linguistics and those words are examples). 

  1. 2.                  Following of the Instructions

All instructions are specific, so you need to read them carefully and understand fully. Only the accurate following of all of the specifications will make it possible for you to get a high grade. You should understand, that even the perfect paper won`t work if it is irrelevant. Experts suggest the following algorithm for working with paper instructions for those, who need to know how to write a paper well:

Step 1: Read the Instructions

Firstly, you should read the requirements to get the general idea on what is required.

Step 2: Read Once again and Make Some Notes

It will be good for you to read the instructions again. In order not to miss some important points, you should:

  • Highlight the topic for the paper
  • Check the verbs of the kind ‘analyze’, ‘descript’, ‘explain’ etc. as they will define the character of your paper
  • Circle the word count requirements to control how much text is required
  • Note the sources required to be used. You will be able to take these notes with you when going to library


Step 3: Check the Paper after It Is Written

Please check your paper after you have completed it to make sure that all of instructions have been addressed.


  1. 3.                  Reliable Sources

The sources issue is quite important for academic papers, because the proper understanding of materials is half of success. While searching for the sources, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Try to find and use the sources required by your professor. Those ones should be the best for your particular assignment.
  • Search for more sources that deal with your issue. Please, make sure that they are relevant and reliable.
  • Be careful while getting information online.  Any websites, which have “pedia”-part in their names, should better be avoided as they can have incorrect information.
  • Remember to cite all the information taken from sources within your essay. Plagiarism is an important issue, so your reader should clearly understand where your personal thoughts are and which ideas were borrowed from the sources.


  1. 4.                  Interesting Approach

It is also important for the paper to be interesting. Otherwise, nobody will read it. Therefore, you should follow the advice below:

  • Write concisely. You should not include too many descriptions or explanations unless this is required.
  • Include examples and illustrations. It will be a good idea to add some graphical elements to your paper as they will attract the reader`s attention and make the reading clearer.
  • Do not make logical mistakes. Your paper should have a clear structure, so your reader will follow your ideas flow.

How to Write a Paper Better?

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