How to write a perfect essay: steps to success.

In order to understand what is expected from the perfect essay you should consider the factor why you are getting this assignment at school, college and university pretty often. The point is that due to essay the professor will be able to evaluate your knowledge of the particular topic within the subject, ability to understand and explain complex notions, build the relevant answer to the question given, work with sources and develop logical thesis and arguments according to the requirements. What is more, essay will show your written English skills and sometimes the ability to manage your time effectively, when the essay is a part of a test. Our article will open you some secrets in efficient writing.

  1. 1.       Originality of the essay.
  • One of the basic features of the well-written essay is its originality. What is important, the two things go under the rubric of originality in our case: creative thinking and no plagiarism.
  • Creative thinking means that you have to show your personal view on the particular issue and find your own reasons to support it. Do not try to follow somebody’s sample. It may be an example for you but if you have your own ideas you should better demonstrate them in the relevant form for academic writing.
  • No plagiarism. The issue of paper’s similarity is becoming sharper nowadays and almost every educational institution and every professor requires the paper to be provided with the plagiarism report. Thus, when you are working on your essay make sure that you have cited all the sources properly and no sentence written by someone else comes without referencing.
  1. 2.       Deep knowledge.
  • As it was already said teacher are usually checking your knowledge of a particular topic with the help of essay’s question.
  • Before you start writing you must study your assignment, learn the meaning of the unknown terms if there are any and identify the core concepts, which you will base your paper mainly on.
  • Also, we recommend you to re-read the notes from class and check the relevant readings you must have been assigned.
  1. 3.       A coherent structure of the essay.
  • One of the aspects that are usually taken into account is a proper (logical and corresponding to the requirements) structure.
  • Usually you are given the basic demands about structuring your essay. Check them before writing.
  • Make sure that you stay in frames of your word count required. Both exceeding and lack in the number of words can lead to reducing of grade.
  • Build the essay in the rational and reasonable way. Reveal your thesis in the introductory part and dedicate a paragraph to each argument. Take care of summarizing the points and showing their significance in the essay’s conclusion.
  1. 4.       Writing skills.
  • Remember that your writing is also the thing which is being assessed in your paper. Thus, you should demonstrate your proficiency in using written English.
  • Make sure that your paper corresponds to the requirements to the academic writing and is written in a formal style. Check if it does not contain any slang, grammar or spelling errors.

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