How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay and Not to Forget Important Details?

A personal narrative essay is quite specific, and its specifics is explained by falling into category of narrative essays. You should know, what elements your narrative essay should have and how to write a personal narrative essay to make it proper and interesting.


What Is a Personal Narrative Essay?

In easy words it is a story about yourself. You just write in a story-telling manner, concentrating your attention not on features, but on events. Sometimes events and your actions can say more than explanations.


What Structural Elements Should the Personal Narrative Essay Have?

As it is still an essay, it should have an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion. As it is more than a story, the body needs to include the background, rising action, climax, falling action and the resolution.

       1. Introduction

In this part you are required to introduce your essay. Do not mix up introduction for the paper and introduction of you as a personality. There can be a thesis statement, but if you omit it, this won`t be a big problem.  Try to start your essay with something interesting to catch your reader`s attention.

       2. Background

Now you should introduce your characters, and yourself in particular. Your story is to have a background and a context, so here is the place to write about all this.

       3. Rising Action

The rising action is a series of actions and events, which lead to your main, top-event, which had the biggest influence on you and gave you a life lesson.

       4. Climax

Now your reader wants you to tell the top-event in details. As it is the main for you, you should kind of slowdown in writing to explain better. Climax is needed for your story to be dynamic and clear. If you just write a lot of events about yourself, your reader will soon get bored.

       5. Falling Action

This part is for events that took place after the climax and work on the conflict resolution.

       6. Resolution

Finally, the story ends with something. You should finish with the event, which clearly closes the line of occasions that you have written before.

       7. Conclusion

Finally, it is time for a little reflection and explanation. What you have learned from the story? How did it influenced your development? It is your actual analysis of what, why has happened and what its consequences were. Also, the conclusion should be somehow linked to your introduction, showing that the aim of your writing has been reached.


Rules to Remember While Writing a Personal Narrative Essay

There are a few rules, which will help you to improve your paper.

  • Tell the Truth

You are not such a skilled writer to tell about fake events in the way they seem to be true. An intelligent reader will notice the lies and won`t trust you.

  • Be Specific

Remember, that your topic is the most specific topic that can exist as you write about yourself. Therefore, include less general information and write factually.

  • Stay Clear

It is important to keep in mind that your personal narrative essay will be read by people, who do not know you well. Thus, you should depict characters clearly and include all the details for an unknown person to understand the situation fully.

  • Do Not Feel Shy to Ask for Help

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