How to Write a Reflection Paper: Advice to Follow

How to Write a Reflection Paper Qualitatively?

What Is a Reflection Paper in General?

A response paper is an academic paper, which requires a student to write down his reflection on certain reading or experience. So, we can determine two main parts of content of a reflection paper:

  1. 1.                   Description

Obviously, you cannot give the reflection for something, without telling what this reflection is to. Thus, you should briefly give the description of the reading or situation before you start telling your thoughts. The description should precede the actual reflection.

  1. 2.                  Reflection

The reflection is the main part of the reflection paper as it performs its main aim. The reflection usually covers such points:

  • Questions, which occur while reading or watching the certain material.
  • Thoughts, which come into reader`s mind.
  • Connections with the other materials of various kinds.
  • His feelings and emotions.

Features of a Reflection Paper

There are a few features, which distinguish the reflection paper from others.

  1. 1.                  It Refers/Links to the Certain Reading/Experience

As it was already mentioned, a reflection paper always is connected with the certain reading the person has checked or with some situation he has experienced. Thus, the text of a reflective paper will always link his reader to a certain outside material.

  1. 2.                  It Is Personal

The aim of a paper is to show the personal reflection of a student, so it is quite specific. Due to this, you should include less information from sources, but more of your personal ideas and findings.

  1. 3.                  It Is Analytic

In order to write a reflection paper, a student needs to have a well-developed analytic skill. He should better notice some details and be ready to compare and contrast them. A student should also be aware of the context of the reading or experience to perform a better paper.

Structural Tips

A reflection paper has a general structure of two parts, but there are some specifications regarding each its part.

  1. 1.                  An Introduction

While writing an introduction for a reflection paper, you should include the background information for the reading or experience. You should also name what you are writing a reflection to. The introduction is required to have your expectations from the certain reading or experience. An introduction is to have the thesis statement at the end. Thesis statement shows the specific point your paper will deal with.

  1. 2.                  A Body Part

The body part should include the main ideas of your paper as well as your personal perception of the material.

  1. 3.                  A Conclusion

A conclusion shows what you have learned as a result of reading the material. Also, it includes the paraphrased thesis statement. In fact, a conclusion is not having any new information, but accents on certain important points.

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