How to Write a Reflective Essay Correctly?

How to Write a Reflective Essay Well: Aspects to Take into Account

Trying to learn how to write a reflective essay properly, you should remember about both: common requirements and specific ones to reflective papers

How to Write a Reflective Essay Correctly?

Academic Requirements to a Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay is quite a subjective thing as you need to express your personal point of view on a certain material. However, while writing, you should still keep the academic standards in structure, language, and grammar etc. Having read the following tips you will know better how to write a reflective essay properly.

  • Structural Requirements

The structure of a reflective essay is pretty much the same as of the essays of the other types. Thus, it should have:

  • an introduction with the back ground information and thesis statement at the end (the thesis statement is optional for the reflective essay unless you are going to select a certain point to argue with);
  • a body part consisting of your personal reflections taking a few paragraphs. Each paragraph needs to talk about one certain issue or approach, about one set of things you consider to be worth talking about;
  • a conclusion with a brief summary of the whole essay and talking about the significance of the material you write a reflection for. The conclusion puts the accents on the most important things as well.


  • Requirements on Language

If you want to learn how to write a reflective essay better, you should try to write it easily. Do not think a lot on how to make it look more complex, and how to structure the paper for it to look more scientific. Use simple words, and the clear paper will be valued more. However, you should remember, that this is still a scientific paper. Thus, no slang words or vernacularisms are permitted. Use the terms where this is appropriate, but do not make the text too scientific to understand.

  • The Proper Grammar and Absence of Mistakes Requirement

It is obvious, that each paper needs to be written properly to get a good grade. Thus, kindly proofread the paper well to avoid the deduction of your grade due to minor mistakes.

Tips for Better Reflective Essay Writing

  • A reflective essay consists from the three major elements: a description of what is being reviewed, a personal evaluation of it and an analysis.
  • Do not write about the things you liked only, but also include the weak points and minuses you have noticed. Nothing is ideal, so there will also be some points to criticize.
  • Include examples for the text. Surely, as you are writing a reflection on some material, you will need to link your essay to it with some examples and illustrations of your points of view.
  • Good reflection writing consists not only of your personal ideas. It needs to have a certain scientific background. Thus, you should be aware of the scientific context of the required issue and support your thoughts with the links to reliable academic sources.
  • Before you write a reflective paper, you should do an outline. Your outline should better cover the main points you are going to talk about in their logical order.

How to Get Help with Reflective Essay Writing?

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