How to write a scholarship essay?

One of the main things to take into consideration when you are writing a scholarship essay is that your first aim is to be remembered by the judges. This task is not simple as the selection committee members usually have a rich experience in reading students’ essays and it is really difficult to surprise or impress them with anything. However, you still have a chance to be noticed and remember in case your essay stands out of the crowd a little. You should dedicate enough time and efforts for the scholarship essay completion because it is your opportunity to make case for why you are the best candidate among others. Note that the judges are choosing not only by your grades but also by your personal features and accomplishments.  Our article will teach you how make your essay successful and which mistakes you should avoid.

  1. 1.       First of all, you should know your audience.
  • You are writing for the committee that are looking for the best one, thus, you must not be shy and tell about all your successes and good features you possess. Do not think about it as boasting. Scholarship essays are made for demonstrating your skills and positive sides.
  • You should have received an instruction for your application with the basic requirements to the essay writing as well. Make sure that you check it attentively and follow all recommendations and limitations.
  1. 2.       Do not omit planning stage.
  • Every writing process requires much time but if you are completing a scholarship essay, which is exceptionally important for your future you should give at least one week of your time to it. You will need it for making lists with your achievements and activities, outlining, writing and revising.
  • Writing an outline will allow you to indicate all the necessary points without forgetting any. Also, it will provide better organization of the paper.
  1. 3.       Make it personal
  • Remember that you are the man hero of your essay that is why you should prove that you are the one who has made all the accomplishments and that you are the student the college was searching for.
  • Follow your outline and make sure you are answering all the questions supporting your response by the details and examples.
  • Do not write abstract things, like “education is important”, “I am a hard-working and communicative person”. Give some pieces of information that will prove these statements.
  1. 4.       Read and re-read your paper.
  • Revising stage is valuable for many reasons. First of all, you need to make sure that there no grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes as they may spoil the impression about your essay.
  • Check if you have properly used the transitive words and your essay flows logically.
  • Re-read your paper few times and within some hours or days after you completed it. You may notice weak places later and have an idea how to improve them.
  • Give your essay to your friend and teacher. Ask their advice about possible ways to refine and polish your writing.
  • Be creative. Think of a hook that can catch the reader’s attention and will make him or her read your essay till the very end.

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