How to Write a Short Essay: Advice for Overcoming the Difficulties

There is a misunderstanding, that short essay writing takes short time. Well, it does, if you are an expert in academic writing. If you are not, there may be some issues, and we will advise you how to cope with them teaching how to write a short essay effectively.


Difficulties One Can Face Writing a Short Essay

You should not underestimate the complexity of a short essay assignment. Be aware of its difficulties and learn how to overcome them!


1. Laconism

While writing your short essay you need to keep the word limit. Therefore, you need to say all the required information the way you do in long essay, but briefly. A well-developed analytical skill is needed, since you should clearly understand, what is main, and what information is extra and can be taken off. Cut off the text until you feel that the further taking off will cause to loss of sense.


2. Topic Selection

Topic selection is always a tough task, especially if the list of suggested topics have not been provided by your professor. To write a short essay effectively, you need to choose a narrow topic. This gives you the chance for the full topic review and addressing to all the issues it covers. A general topic will make it possible for you just to include some surface information. Obviously, the result won’t be the best in this case.


3. Keeping the Structure

One of the most important things for a short essay is its being clear. To make your essay clear, it is necessary to make it have a good and logical structure. As your essay is short, it should have not less than three main parts: an introductory part (up to 10% of your short essay), a body part (the largest one) and a conclusion (around 10-15% of your text). This structure actually makes your essay belonging to an essay type.


Advice for Short Essay Draft Editing


It is a well-known fact that a good essay is never written from the first draft. This rule works for a short essay as well. Moreover, it is impossible to write even a normal short essay without writing a few drafts before.


   - Forget that Your Write a Short Essay Writing the First Draft

The best thing while writing the first draft is to forget that you essay needs to be short. Just write your draft of the usual length, including all of the ideas, which come into your mind. It is okay, if your draft is much longer than the required word count.


   - Select the Ideas Worth Writing About

Not all of your ideas are the same good from the second sight as they seemed before. Having written the first draft you should review it again and cross out some of your thoughts which seem to be inappropriate.


   - Limit the Number of Examples

Surely, you essay won’t be clear without examples. However, check not to include too many of them. Remember, that your main aim is to cover your topic fully.


   - Structure Your Thoughts and Link Them Together

Each single idea should be separated into a paragraph. Also, take care about the idea flow and add some linking sentences to combine all the ideas into one coherent text.


   - Contact an Expert if Needed

If you feel that you do not get the perfect short essay as a result, contact an expert for help. Our company has a number of services for draft correction, which will be helpful for you in this case.


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