Summary Essays: Peculiarities and List for Self-Check

Summary seems to be an easy assignment, as you need just briefly retell what you have seen or read. However, when you care about your grade and you are interested in development of your skills, you should learn the basic demands concerning how to write a summary essay.


Peculiarities of a Summary Essay

There are a lot of essay types beside a summary one. However, each type has its special demands for writing due to its purpose and nature. Let’s see what is special about summary essay.


     1. Referring to a Specific Source

The text of a summary essay closely depends on the content of the source you write your summary for. There should be textual links to the source in your summary essay and your reader needs to understand clearly what is actually summarized.


     2. Limited Personal Opinion

If you need to summarize some article, book etc. in most cases you should tell in brief what the author was trying to tell. Unless required, do not include too much of your personal impressions. The personal opinion should be present only in terms of selection the information included to the summary. Therefore, it is up to you to decide, what is more or less important to be writing about.


     3. Special Demands to the Main Structural Parts

As the summary essay tells about a certain source, there are a few elements, which should be present in all basic essay parts (introduction, body, and conclusion).


  • Specifications for Summary Essay Introduction

An introduction is required to tell what is being summarized. It is to have the full title of the source and its author. Also, give brief information about the context of the chosen source: the social, cultural context as well as its place in its author’s creative work. It is also possible to mention, why this source is actual in modern life or/and in modern science.


  • Specifications for Summary Essay Body Part

As it was already mentioned, the body of your summary needs to give the main information of the source summarized. The body should have not less than 3 paragraphs each one having a separate idea represented. Be laconic and logical and do not simply name all the facts you have learned. Include the direct and indirect citation to be more specific.


  • Specification for Summary Essay Conclusion

In your conclusion you can talk about the importance of the source you have worked with. Also, conclusion is the place of putting the main and final accents to certain points of your summary essay.


List for Self-Check: Have I Written My Summary Essay Properly?


To make sure, that your summary essay is written well and deserves a high grade, ask yourself the following questions.


  • Have I indicated the source author and title? Have I cited it properly every time used? Is it specified in my works cited (references)?
  • Does my essay have the main points of the source mentioned? Have those main points been separated (1 point = 1 paragraph)?
  • Does my essay have an introduction, a body and a conclusion?
  • Is my essay a coherent text? Are my paragraphs connected with the help of sense and linking phrases?
  • Have I omitted some issues, which I considered to be less important?
  • Have I double checked my summary essay to make sure it has no mistakes?


If all of the mentioned guestions have got an answer "YES", you can feel free to submit your summary essay. If you feel that you cannot cope with any aspect of summary essay writing, do not be afraid to contact us for help. Our company offers a 24/7 helping hand for all students, who struggle with essay writing.

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