How to write a term paper properly?

A term paper is a written in a concise manner paper that includes the processes of identification, analysis, interpretation by a student the ideas of other people. It requires using a wide range of sources: books, articles, scientific journals, newspapers, dictionaries and encyclopedias. The process of writing the term paper is multistage and each of the steps will be explained in our brief guide.

Step 1. Choosing a subject.

The subject your select should correspond to the following requirements:

-          You should be interested in it.

-          The subject has to be appropriate for your class.

-          It is not too broad and too limited: make sure you can cover all the points efficiently.

-          The subject you choose fits your requested word count and deadline for completing the paper.

-          You have found enough information about it in sources: books, articles, journals and newspapers.

For some classes you may be assigned writing for a particular topic and not allowed choosing it yourself. In this case you should check the assignment carefully and make sure you understand the requirements well. If you have any issues and feel you may misunderstanding some of the points it is better to consult with the instructor in order to make sure you are on the right track.

Step 2. Narrowing the subject.

-          We recommend you to select one aspect of your subject to write about. Set some limitations for yourself and analyze one subdivision properly.

-          Check the literature for getting some background information and becoming familiar with specific terms.

Step 3. Purpose of your writing.

-          You should formulate the purpose of your research and writing clearly. In other words, the thesis stamen must be developed before you start writing.

Step 4. Elaborate your sources.

-          The research should start with studying and analyzing the required and necessary literature.

-          On this stage you can also make a preliminary bibliography – list of the sources you are going to use.

-          Make sure you follow the referencing style recommended.

Step 5. Outline your work.

-          Making an outline is beneficial for preparation and for writing itself. First of all, it lets you shape your thoughts into the meaningful ideas and, secondly, when having an outline there are less chances to omit or forget about the important points.

-          On this stage you should use the notes which were made while working with the sources. Pick out the ideas that you will be able to develop into the reasonable arguments.

Step 6. Writing a draft.

-          Use your notes from the sources and the outline as a guide for writing.

-          There are two ways of writing: quick writing with several revisions after or slow and careful writing that will not need too much work afterwards. You can choose the way most comfortable for you.

-          Make sure that the structure you present consists of the introduction, main body and conclusion.

-          The introduction is to demonstrate the ideas, which will be discussed in the paper.

-          The body paragraph should have a topical sentence each and expand the outline you provided. Ensure that your arguments are supported by evidences.

-          The conclusion sums up the work, findings and results, also, showing a perspective to the reader.

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