How to write a term paper: guidelines and useful tips.

A good term paper can be written only if pretty much attention and efforts are dedicated to it. In fact, it is quite hard, or even impossible, to write this kind of paper in one day as it requires several stages to be undergone. Thus, you should manage your time wisely and pay enough attention to every necessary step. Our guide will teach you about the main stages of the term paper writing and provide you with some useful tips.

  1. 1.       Which skills does the term paper require from the student?
  • Factually, a term paper is usually a synonym to the research paper, which is why good researching and investigating skills are needed. You have to be able to find obscure materials and make a clear presentation of it.
  • Synthesizing skills – an ability to demonstrate the connections and patterns of the diverse things;
  • Organizing skills – the paper should be arranges and structured in the logical and coherent way.
  • Analysis – when writing a paper you should be ready to divide your reading, ideas, theories into smaller units and identifying their role and functions.
  • Clarifying – supporting the arguments with the clear evidence that will convince the reader in the validity of your position.
  • Assessing the wider context. You should be familiar with the background and connections of your subject and identify the role of your research in the broader perspective.
  • Adopting a position: using the counterarguments in a favor of your own point of view.
  1. 2.       Researching stage.
  • In order for your paper to be completed properly a good research needs to be conducted.
  • We highly recommend you to check the relevant sources which review your topic and choose the ideas you can use for your paper to support your arguments.
  • At this stage you should remember to avoid plagiarism and do not use someone’s words or ideas as your own.  Make sure that you cite and reference your paper properly.
  1. 3.       Writing a draft.
  • After you have investigated about your topic enough are ready to write your own paper using your notes previously made.
  • It will be comfortable to make an outline before you start writing. It will be your guide for structuring the paper and organizing it in a coherent way.
  • The best structure for the term paper is “introduction – main body – conclusion”. While the introduction and conclusion present the problem and your position about it the main body of the term paper should provide a solution to the problem analyzing and breaking it into parts. Every statement you make should be supported with relevant evidence (facts, statistic data, and quotations from the authoritative sources).
  1. 4.       Revising the term paper.


  • First of all, you have to proofread your paper and check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Do not let such small things reduce your grade.
  • Assess critically the form and content. Make sure that every point is understandable for the reader. In case you have used any unknown terms provide their definitions.
  • One of the markers of a good writing manner is easy reading.  If your paper flows well and does not make any difficulties for reading you have completed it successfully. In order to check this - just give it to your friend to read.


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