How to Write a Thesis Paper Properly?

How to Write a Thesis Paper Well: Points to Take into Account

Thesis paper: structural requirements and advice on how to write a thesis paper correctly.

How to Write a Thesis Paper Properly?

A qualitative thesis paper determines an academic success and improvement. Thus, all the detailed requirements for a thesis paper are to be followed accurately. Let’s see in brief how to write a thesis paper correctly.

Structure of a Correct Thesis Paper

Each thesis paper needs to have a clear required structure. So, if a thesis paper is well-written, it has the following parts:

  1. 1.       A Title Page

A title page is the first page and is an actual cover for your thesis paper. It includes some formal information, such as the title of the paper, your name, institution, date etc.)

  1. 2.       An Abstract

Here you are required to introduce your paper briefly. It is quite a task taking into account, that the thesis paper has a lot of pages and the abstract limitation is one or two paragraphs. All the important elements should be present here, namely: the topic of your paper, its methodology, your research results, their evaluation and the significance of your thesis paper.

  1. 3.       Table of Contents

It should represent your paper`s main sub issues in their chronological order with the numbers of pages stated. Looking at the table of contents one can understand the structure of your paper and what you will write about.

  1. 4.       List of Figures and of Tables

There one can find the numbers of pages, where there are figures and tables within your thesis paper.

  1. 5.       Introduction

The introduction is the first from the most important parts of your paper. Although it is at the beginning, this does not mean that you should start writing from it. As any paper, the thesis paper should better have a catchy hook to attract attention of your reader. Another thing that should be present here are:

  • a short overview of research previously done in this field and on this issue with the proper citations;
  • the historical and/or scientific context of the issue covered;
  • your aim for this paper writing and explanations why this research is actual.
  1. 6.       Methodological Part

You should tell your reader the ways you approached the research material. The appliance of certain methods also deals with the number of tasks you have set for your paper to perform.

  1. 7.       Results

Here you will talk about the results of your experiments and research. All you need is to give the bare facts, well-structured and clearly showed. There is no need to explain or discuss the facts yet.

  1. 8.       Discussion

This part of your thesis paper includes your evaluation of the results and telling the ideas, based on the research data.

  1. 9.       Conclusions

Under conclusions you are required to summarize the main points of your thesis paper and omit some side points. You should not repeat the information you have included in the beginning, but put the certain accents on some points of your topic.

  1. 10.   Recommendations

The recommendations indicate which aspects of the issue have not been researched, but they are worth of further investigations.

  1. 11.   Acknowledgements

It is actually the part, where you show the appreciation of help from other people on this paper.

  1. 12.   References

All the materials used for the thesis paper completion are to be included to a reference list in alphabetical order to avoid plagiarism.

  1. 13.   Appendices

Some graphs, tables, pictures, calculations, pieces of key texts can be included to appendices if they take more than 1-2 pages in order not to distract from the main information of your thesis.

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