Thesis Statement for an Essay: What, Where and How to Write

A thesis statement is a small part of each well-written essay, which causes a lot of headache. It is not that easy to formulate it properly. To put the appropriate accents and to learn how to write a thesis statement for an essay correctly, you can check the following information.


WHAT Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence, which shows your specific point of view on the topic selected. It sets a direction for the whole essay and it is maximally specific.


WHERE Should the Thesis Statement Be?

Let`s think: if you set the main idea in this sentence, where should it better be placed? The best place for a good thesis statement is obviously the introductory paragraph. However, you need to get your reader ready to it. Place it at the end of your introduction and this will perfectly work!Therefore, the thesis statement will play a role of link between introductory paragraph and the body part of your essay.


WHAT Should Thesis Statement Consist From?

Although, the thesis is just a sentence, it should have a clear structure. This structural requirements actually make it different from any other sentence.


     1. The Clear Concise and Specific Topic

You should start the sentence with the topic of your essay, but make it as narrow as possible.

     2. Your Opinion

After the topic include your personal point of view on it. Again: remember to be maximally concise.

      3. The Main Arguments

Finally, briefly outline the arguments you will provide in your essay. There should better be 3 main ones.

To clarify this better, let`s look at the primitive example:

Going to gym is good and wise, because you keep your body healthy, beautiful and you are stylish.

Going to gym… - it is your topic;

… is good… – here is your opinion;

…because you keep your body healthy, beautiful and stylish. – This is a brief note of your main arguments.


HOW to Do the Best Thesis Statement?

Now, when you know the basic requirements to thesis statements, you probably want to know, how to improve your one? There can be mentioned a few main features of well-written statements. Just make sure you remember about all of them.


     1. Dealing with a Good Topic

The thesis statement should better deal with the topic, one can argue with. A well-known fact won`t work, as your reader won`t be interested.

     2. Having Personal Point of View

If your thesis statement does not have your personal opinion, that means that you won`t express your thoughts in the essay. This will unfortunately lead to failure, and you do not want to fail, do you?

     3. Reflecting the Whole Essay`s Point

Your task is to tell about the whole essay with the only one sentence. Therefore, your thesis statement should include the main point and the main terms used in your essay.



  • Do not be afraid to revise. When the essay has been written, it is high time to check whether your thesis statement suits.
  • Frame your essay! The thesis statement at the beginning should be paraphrased in conclusion.
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