How to write a white paper: basic steps

White papers are usually the type of writing that explain a specific problem and offers a certain solution to it. Originally they were meant to describe the government policy but now they are more often used for corporation needs. Here we have some tips how to write the successful white paper, catch the reader’s attention and convince him of your opinion.

Steps to follow:

  • Define the core issue the audience is dealing with and which you are meant to crack.
  • Assess the audience’s stage of expertise and disposition. Your manner of writing should depend on who will read your paper.
  • Make sure you use the professional lexicon, prove that you are an expert in the sphere.
  • Avoid too long size of your paper as your readers may lose interest and attention.
  • Common length of the white paper varies between 1 to 5 pages. Do not provide the senseless information and at the same time do not seem too brief in your declarations. Find the golden middle.
  • The title should include the term “white paper” and the problem existing.
  • Start with stating the issue and depicting it in the unambiguous terms. This part should take about one paragraph.
  • Specify what the problem is using the figures, dates, statistics and names.
  • If necessary provide the background for your paper. Give some general information about the problem discussed in order for the audience to create a broad view.
  • Indicate the solutions you are offering. First of all, gradually explain how it should be applied and reveal the effect, which must be received.
  • Your conclusion should summarize the point provided: problem, solution and the results.

10 useful tips:

  1. A well-written white paper presents the key to the issue. It should not be considered as a marketing tool.
  2. Remember to follow the audience’s perspective. Accept the position of the reader and try to imagine the sides beneficial for him. That is the reason why you must know your audience.
  3. A great idea is to use some visual graphics, such as charts, diagrams and graphs. They always catch the attention and serve as a convincing tool.
  4. Remember the importance of the first paragraph: if it does not grab the attention you will not get it further.
  5. Focus on the pain points, which the reader comes across and illustrate the problem produced by these pain points.
  6. The white paper has two parts: the informative and persuasive components.
  7. Informative part should give the historical outlook and introduction of the product.
  8. The solution component has to make an accent that your keys proposed are brand new and effective.
  9. Divide your content into small pieces: this will let your reader perceive the information easier.
  10. Re-read your paper later and fix the issues. Amend the places which seem weak to you. In case you are not sure in your revising abilities you can get a professional editor for this job.

We have provided the basic information about what the write paper is and the rules how it should be written. In case you need more assistance you are welcome to check our writing services.


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